The global artist known as 4REX has world domination on the brain. His eclectic sounds include his latest hit “Way Up” under digital streaming platforms as an abbreviation of his stage name “4rex”. His single was inspired by the negativity others can bring, something we can all relate to. The quadruple language artist has had a great time navigating his way to the top so far. While he’s determined to leave his stamp on music, he is remembering to stay motivated and remain humble along the way.

The entertainer has lived up to his name in that he originates from the country of Guinea. He spent most of his life as a global traveler who was encouraged to learn about various cultures. After a stint in the military, he decided to follow his heart and take root in the music business. He found his name with ease as all he had to do was take one look at who he was. The jet-setting lifestyle crept into his persona and has a heavy handle on the outcome of the music he produces.

4REX  has quite the diverse list of celebrities he has found influences along the way. The list includes “Goosebumps” rapper Travis Scott and French artists La Fouine and Booba. Internally, he finds inspiration at the most sporadic moments. As a true artist, anything can trigger the artist in him from specific situations or a familiar object before him. He finds that tapping into his creative process is a reward in itself.

4REX has landed a dream job with Avid, a company that provides recording tools such as Protools. The collaboration has been monumental for him as he is thrilled to represent a company that promotes the professional creation of music. Instrumentals are his favorite thing to work with as they allow him to consistently tweak tempos and melodies. Those beats come into play when he is creating lyrics that will draw in others who may feel the emotion he’s expressing in the song. To learn more about 4REX and his music, follow him on social media @4reign.Xchange.