Rising singer and songwriter, JALISA REY, recently released her anticipated sophomore EP, “MIXY“. MIXY, the soul-stirring EP by JALISA REY, is the reflection of an emotional whirlwind that has recently engulfed her life. It’s a journey of conflicting emotions – from highs to lows, from longing to detachment, all caused by this thing called love.

Throughout MIXY, the 7-track EP with production from Pagani, and JulesTheWulf, and collabs from the pen of Dom Mayo and Karrissa Love, JALISA REY invites listeners to experience the unfiltered emotions that have defined her recent journey through life- a mixture of love, regrets, desires, and everything in between. “I am excited for the world to continue to see my growth and versatility as an artist,” mentions Jalisa.

The EP kicks off with “FSW,” an anthem that encapsulates Jalisa’s current state: “I want you, but you’re too damn toxic… I don’t want to share you with nobody.” “It mirrors the struggle of knowing what’s bad for you but irresistibly yearning for it at the same time- a sentiment that many can relate to. In the midst of such emotional turmoil, conflicts then lead to Jalisa crossing the line, which is beautifully captured in her track “Cross the Line.” This song is carried by deep regrets and Jalisa’s desire to mend things after a heated dispute. “I know you probably think I’m crazy, but I’m still on you,” Jalisa confesses, embodying the complexity of her emotions.

As the EP continues to unfold, Jalisa takes listeners on a thrilling ride with “How I Like It“. In this song, featuring YSL member T-Shyne, she admits to deliberately fueling arguments for the thrill of the passionate makeup sex that follows. She then leads us to “Rounds“, a dose of sultry sensuality, offering listeners a temporary escape from the emotional rollercoaster. Right on track however, the EP inevitably swings back to “No Feelings,” a heartrending ballad about partying without remorse, which clearly reveals that Jalisa is still entangled in her emotions.

She continues to pour her heart out in the next song entitled “Bad Thing,” where she expresses feelings of vulnerability, but her partner devalues her worth, the love has turned sour, and she’s chosen to finally leave. As the EP draws to a close, Jalisa takes us full circle with “On My Own Wave“, portraying her journey through life’s challenges. It’s a testament to her resilience and determination to find her way, even during the toughest moments.

ALISA REY (photo credit) @paganiphoto

Hailing from Paterson, New Jersey and now living full time in LA, rising R&B Artist, Jalisa Rey, continues to use her distinctive tone and relatable lyrics to make waves throughout the music industry.

Described as a mesmerizing fusion of dreamy and contemporary R&B, Jalisa’s music continues to resonate deep within the hearts of listeners.
Since releasing her first EP, “SO PERSONAL”, in March 2023, Jalisa is keeping her foot on the gas by following her success with her recent singles “Cross The Line”, “How I Like It” ft. T-Shyne (from YSL), and “Bad Thing”, which all landed on multiple editorial playlists, and catapulted Jalisa into the spotlight with her first-ever video debut on the iconic B.E.T. Network. Bad Thing is now playing on Sirius XM, and True Colors, a single from her So Personal EP, will be playing in an upcoming episode of Rap Shit on MAX.

Her latest EP, MIXY just dropped and is getting strong reviews. Jalisa’s unwavering dedication continues to be a testament to both her craft and fans. MIXY serves a whirlwind of emotions that mirror Jalisa’s own life experiences, while on a raw and emotional journey through the highs and lows of love.

Driven by her authenticity and consistency, Jalisa is more than just an artist. She’s an inspiration, continuously pushing the boundaries of what R&B can be, while garnering a dedicated following.

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