Originally from Flint, Michigan TaMia Speaks now calls Houston, Texas home. Her Journey from Flint to Texas has been one to remember; filled with the highs of entering the behavioral health field and graduating with her psychology degree from an HBCU, and the lows of experiencing spiritual and narcissistic abuse. It was during this time she realized she was living a life that served everyone but herself.
This awakened her to the journey of genuine self-care that allowed her to have thriving relationships, improved confidence, and live authentically. Unfortunately, understanding how to be self-aware and emotionally intelligent is not information that is well-known or taught in society but is one of the most important skills you will ever learn in life.
For the past decade, TaMia has been intentional about her healing journey, addressing trauma and her inner child to improve her mental and physical wellness. This personal journey combined with her professional experience has allowed her to create a lane for you to safely enter or continue your wellness journey; a place for you to be vulnerable enough to deconstruct who you are and improve your confidence to reinvent yourself as many times as your heart desires.

Why is the conversation surrounding mental health so important? 

TaMia: Conversations around mental health are important because there is still a lot of stigmas in the Black community regarding the causes of it, what it looks like and how it is treated.

What do you enjoy most about being a life coach? 

TaMia: I enjoy seeing clients become brave enough to deconstruct who they thought they were and what they thought they wanted to transform and reinvent themselves.

Who could benefit from having a life coach? 

TaMia: Those that are looking to transform the relationship they have with themselves, a guide to wellness, authenticity, and accountability partner.


Can you tell us more about your book?

TaMia: Mirrors provides expansive insight of self through a series of over 30 journal prompts and affirmations. The answers to these questions will improve your self-awareness and emotional intelligence which in turn, will help you understand how you show up in parent, platonic, romantic, and workplace relationships. Please note that this journey you are about to embark on takes intentionality, community, vulnerability, and persistence. Feel free to take breaks and revisit some of these questions in your own time; there is no destination but a continuous fulfilling journey. There may be moments where you are “undone” and enter an identity crisis as you deconstruct who you thought you were and what you thought you wanted. It’s time to reinvent yourself.


How can our readers connect with you online? 

TaMia: Website:


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