Inayah describes “Hot Sauce” as the epitome of top tier confidence, particularly when someone does you wrong. Inayah states “It’s like telling them, ‘you missed out and let go of something exceptional.'” She adds “It’s so ‘how dare you?'” The song not only pays homage to her Houston roots but also serves as a poignant reminder to keep shining brightly despite any challenges, encapsulated in the lyrics “And you’ll learn the difference between diamonds and dimes.”

“Hot Sauce” is poised to become a Summer 2024 sensation. This sleek mid-tempo track is an ideal addition to any self-affirmation playlist, echoing the assertive vibes of hits like Beyoncé’s “Flawless” and Keri Hilson’s “Pretty Girl Rock.”

This release follows Inayah’s previous hit single, “For the Streets,” a modern rendition of Fantasia’s R&B classic “When I See You.” This anti-love anthem has significantly resonated with listeners, accumulating over 40 million streams to date. With “Hot Sauce,” Inayah continues the narrative that “For The Streets” started, seamlessly transitioning from the theme of heartbreak to resilience, with a touch of retribution.

In 2014, Inayah’s musical journey took root as she began writing songs for a jingle company while simultaneously sharing cover videos on social media. Inayah’s dedication paid off when her version of Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” went viral on Instagram, propelling her followers from a modest 3,000, to an impressive 1.3 million, and grabbing the attention of movie mogul Tyler Perry, singer/songwriter/actor Jamie Foxx, singer/songwriter Maxwell and many more. This also caught the attention of EMPIRE Records and led to a distribution deal which gave way to the release of ‘S.O.L.A.R.’ (Storytelling Over Lyrics and Rhymes) which amassed over 635.6M streams, featuring the RIAA Gold and Platinum-certified hit “Best Thing.”

In addition to music, Inayah has built a strong career as an actress. Starting off doing skit work alongside comedian Kwaylon “Kway” Rogers, Inayah currently stars on the Emmy nominated Ms. Pat Show on BET +, which she began in season 2. She is also set to star in the upcoming Tyler Perry/ Amazon film “Joy Ridge.”

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