Cherrelle Morgan is the incredible hair-maven behind bourgeoning brand, GlamourME Beauty Bar LLC. As her business came to fruition, she gained a nickname as “The NC Hair Doctor” amongst the locals. Morgan wields an impressive amount of knowledge about the styling but also the overall health of natural tresses. The bar was created as a salon women could come to to discover their inner and outer beauty. She even took the time to create a versatile and desirable product, “The Ultra Hair Crack”. Morgan’s progress into a grand supreme of the hair game is one to marvel at as her journey is still well on its way up. 

“The NC Hair Doctor”, as she is affectionately called, climbed her way to the top with her bare hands. She is a self-taught entrepreneur so she has vowed to keep her interest in learning a revolving door. Cherrelle advises that one should continuously attend workshops, formal education, and independent study to stay updated on a constantly evolving industry. Her biggest life lesson was to create a dependable network early on in her career but she passes along the advice whenever an upcoming hair guru comes her way. 

In 2016, she created “The Ultra Hair Crack”, a product that would bring the customer’s hair to life again. Initially, reviews were mixed on the product but after slight tweaks, Morgan was certain she had a winner. After selling locally, she sought a distributor and in no time it was flying off the shelves in stores and online. She cites it as the ultimate representation of GlamourME Beauty Bar LLC – forever innovative and dedicated to its clients. 

In fact, Cherrelle herself has a fond memory that highlights the dedication she is known for. A previous client advised she was looking for an improvement and Morgan of course met those expectations. However, when the client was diagnosed with cancer, the battle became a whole different journey. She coached her client through this ordeal and by the time she was cleared of all cancerous cells, they had fallen into styling beautiful wigs. Morgan is now able to braid her client’s own hair and it is a testament to how GlamourME isn’t just a business, but a brand based in love.

Philanthropy is another thing that GlamourME takes with the utmost seriousness. Cherrelle will host workshops and beauty services to local organizations to give back to her community. In the future, she is hoping to create affordable salon suites within GlamourME. She wants to assist business-minded individuals in marginalized communities and create mentorship programs that better their revenue. In 2024, Morgan is also looking to increase shelf space in stores across the country for more of her business’s products. Through GlamourME, everyone can become the ruler of their own crown with the guidance of Cherrelle Morgan.  Keep up with her on social media @glamourmebeautybar

Photo Credit: Upscale PR