Empowering Generations: Meet Dr. Sean J. Harris and Tara Harris, the visionary founders of The Generational Wealth Academy, guiding families toward financial freedom and legacy-building. Discover their inspiring journey and transformative strategies in our exclusive interview.


Dr. Sean J. Harris and Tara Harris, the brilliant minds behind The Generational Wealth Academy, are revolutionizing the way families approach financial success. Through their comprehensive educational platform, they empower families with the knowledge and tools to create lasting generational wealth. With a focus on strategic planning, mindset transformation, and financial education, they guide families toward financial freedom, encouraging them to break free from traditional financial paradigms. Their vision extends beyond personal success, aiming to impact generations to come, making a significant difference in the world. Together, they redefine the meaning of prosperity, one family at a time.


Can you share the story behind the founding of The Generational Wealth Academy? What inspired you both to focus on generational wealth?

Sure, I can share the story behind the founding of The Generational Wealth Academy. It all began with my family’s entrepreneurial background. During the civil rights era, my family members owned the first two African-American hotels in Atlanta. Witnessing their hard work and success inspired me to follow their footsteps and create my own businesses. However, I realized that building generational wealth is not just about personal success but also about leaving a lasting legacy for future generations. I wanted to ensure that my children and their children would have the knowledge and resources to build their own companies and secure their financial future. I joined forces with Tara, who shared the same vision.

Respond from Tara:

Building The Generational Wealth Academy was a natural progression for us, as it allowed us to share the successes we learned from your family’s ownership of the first two African-American hotels in Atlanta with other families. We recognized that many families face similar challenges when building wealth. We wanted to provide a platform that could offer the resources and support necessary to help families thrive financially. By teaching the importance of long-term thinking, continuous improvement, and strategic planning, we help families overcome common obstacles and create a roadmap to achieve financial freedom. Our goal is to empower others to build their legacies and positively impact generations through the creation of generational wealth.


Many businesses struggle with mixing family and business. How have you both managed to intertwine the two and still maintain harmony?

Maintaining harmony between family and business has always been a guiding principle for us. Our family is at the core of everything we do, and we operate as “THE HARRIS FAMILY UNIT.” We believe in making business a fun and inclusive experience where everyone has a role to play. We actively involve the entire family in various business activities, such as events, packaging and distribution, and promoting each other’s companies. By working together, we not only support one another but also create a positive and enjoyable environment. Additionally, we place great importance on allowing our youth entrepreneurs to have a balanced childhood by engaging in age-appropriate activities while instilling valuable business and financial skills. Our approach allows us to intertwine family and business in a way that maintains harmony and strengthens our bond as a family unit.

What would you identify as the key factors or strategies that have played the most significant role in the success of your organization?

The key factors and strategies that have led to the success of The Generational Wealth Academy are rooted in our social proof. Our success in building million-dollar companies and our children’s successes in building six-figure companies, all based on the roadmap and blueprint we provide, has played a significant role in establishing our credibility. We’ve utilized skills and knowledge passed down from our predecessors in business and family and built upon that foundation. Our ability to live out generational wealth in real life, along with teaching its principles, sets us apart. We don’t just talk about financial freedom and Generational Wealth; we live it. Our social proof not only highlights our expertise but also serves as an inspiration for others to achieve financial success and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.


When you work with other families, what are the main challenges they face in creating generational wealth, and how do you guide them?

When working with other families to create generational wealth, we often encounter the challenge of helping them unlearn the beliefs and thought processes they acquired in the past. Restructuring their thinking and reprogramming their mindset towards financial success is a crucial step in the process. Many individuals hold onto the belief that following the traditional path of going to school, getting good grades, and finding a stable job will lead to financial security. However, we guide them to recognize that times have changed, and the old paradigm may no longer be effective today. The first step is helping them understand that to create change, they must be willing to change themselves. Once this shift in mindset occurs, we can begin planting new seeds of success and guiding them toward financial transformation.


How crucial is financial education in your approach to helping families build wealth? And do you believe there’s a knowledge gap in mainstream education?

Financial education plays a crucial role in our approach to helping families build generational wealth and financial literacy. We firmly believe that there is a significant knowledge gap in mainstream education regarding this topic. Mainstream education typically focuses on academic or scholastic education, which primarily prepares individuals to become employees and work nine-to-five job. This traditional approach often leads people to follow the 40-40-40 plan, where they work 40 hours a week for 40 years and retire on only 40% of what they previously earned that they typically had difficulty surviving on.

Furthermore, there is a lack of emphasis on financial education in the school system. This is where individuals gain a deep understanding of money, its uses, leverage, and how to create legacy wealth strategically. A financial education empowers individuals to build unlimited wealth and secure their financial future. Without access to comprehensive financial education and a solid understanding of financial literacy, it becomes nearly impossible to create and sustain generational wealth.


How do you envision the legacy of The Generational Wealth Academy? What do you hope families will say about your organization generations from now?

Our vision for The Generational Wealth Academy is to empower over 500,000 families in creating financial freedom and generational wealth for future generations. We aspire for our Academy to become a renowned household name and the go-to organization for those seeking to build a legacy of wealth and make a significant impact in the world.

Generations from now, we hope families will look back and say that The Generational Wealth Academy was instrumental in transforming their financial lives and strengthening their families. We aim to create a ripple effect, where financially empowered families lead to better communities, states, countries, and ultimately a better world. Our legacy will be defined by the lasting positive impact we have on families for generations to come.


How important is it for families to diversify their wealth streams, and what advice do you have on this matter?

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of diversifying wealth streams for families. Relying solely on one source of income, as is the case for 90% of people, leaves them vulnerable. If something were to happen to that single income source, their financial stability would be immediately compromised.

We often use the analogy of planting seeds to illustrate this point. If we plant a pepper seed, we can expect peppers relatively quickly. If we plant corn, it may take a few months to harvest. However, if we plant oak tree seeds, we may never even have the opportunity to sit under the shade of that tree. These are seeds that are sown for subsequent generations.

Similarly, we should cultivate seeds for every season of our legacy. Just as we have a spare tire for a vehicle, we should have a spare income in the event of a financial blowout or catastrophe. Diversifying wealth streams ensures that families have multiple sources of income, reducing the risk of financial instability and better positioning them to thrive for generations to come. Our advice is to explore different avenues such as investments, entrepreneurship, and passive income streams to build a diversified portfolio and secure long-term financial success.

Every business face setback. Can you share a challenging period for The Generational Wealth Academy and how you both navigated through it?

We appreciate your understanding that setbacks are a natural part of any business journey. While we have faced our fair share of challenges, we choose not to dwell on them or let them define us. Instead, we focus on pressing forward and continuously striving for progress.

Throughout our journey, we have encountered various setbacks, including the loss of family members and failed products or systems. However, our approach has always been to persevere and maintain a growth mindset. We have learned from mentors that it is more beneficial to focus on our strengths rather than dwelling on weaknesses. By sharpening our already sharp knife, we can excel in those areas and make a significant impact.

It is crucial to acknowledge and learn from setbacks, but we believe that a positive mindset and a focus on our strengths are key to overcoming them. Our ability to navigate through challenging periods is a testament to our determination, resilience, and unwavering commitment to our mission of empowering families to build generational wealth. We continue to press forward, learn from experiences, and adapt accordingly to ensure long-term success for The Generational Wealth Academy.”


There are many aspiring entrepreneurs who look up to successful business figures like yourselves. What advice would you give to someone just starting on their journey to create generational wealth?

Congratulations on taking the first step on your journey to create generational wealth. Our advice is to invest in yourself and continuously strive for personal growth. This entails reading and unlearning any limiting beliefs that may be hindering your progress. You should also invest in a mentor or coach, someone who has already succeeded in areas where you want to excel.

It’s essential to not reinvent the wheel but instead focus on proven recipes for success. You can always refine these recipes with your unique expertise and ideas. For us, three things that changed the game were changing what we read, changing who we associated with, and changing how we use our time. These three things had a significant impact on our personal and business growth.

Another key factor that should not be underestimated is mindset. Strengthening and fortifying your mindset is crucial in overcoming any challenges that may arise on your journey. Surround yourself with like-minded people who have a positive mental attitude and are supportive of your goals.

In summary, invest in yourself, seek out a mentor and coach, surround yourself with positive influences, and strengthen your mindset. These are just a few key pieces of advice, but it’s essential to remain committed to your goals, embrace the journey, and never stop learning.


Looking ahead, what are your goals for the next 5-10 years, both for your organization and the families you serve?

Looking towards the future, our primary goal over the next 5 to 10 years is to empower over 500,000 families in creating and building generational wealth. We aim to achieve this by providing comprehensive financial literacy education and fostering an understanding of business acumen.

A significant part of our vision is to instill financial literacy in children from a young age. Just as we have taught our own children about financial literacy, we believe it is essential for parents to start teaching their kids about money management as soon as they can speak. By equipping the next generation with essential financial knowledge, we can set them up for lifelong financial success.

Additionally, we aim to help families identify and nurture their children’s unique skill sets and talents at an early age. By providing guidance and support, we can help them maximize their potential and create growth opportunities.

Ultimately, our goal for The Generational Wealth Academy is to make a substantial impact on the lives of families worldwide, providing them with the tools and knowledge they need to create lasting financial legacies. We are excited about the journey ahead and remain committed to our mission of empowering families to achieve generational wealth.

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