March is National Social Work Month. It’s a time to celebrate and acknowledge the amazing profession of social work.  Many may view the profession as mainly serving in roles within the child welfare system but social work is multifaceted. LaTia Russell is an amazing social work professional who is using her compassion for others in a clinical setting and also through community outreach. Not only is she a dedicated social worker but she’s also an author and community advocate. “When I was a little girl, my father told me that our family was placed on this earth to help people. I’ve been doing so all of my life. I’ve always said that I was born to be a Social Worker and a leader,” LaTia explains.


Like many professionals, she has earned experience in different facets of the helping profession. “I’ve worked in various areas of the field throughout my career. I’ve worked with at-risk youth, in the jail system, and multiple direct care services. Currently, my area of focus is organizational leadership/health care,” says LaTia. “I’m also currently pursuing my Doctorate of Social Work in organizational leadership from the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE)!” she continues.


Working in the social work profession is no small task. Many social workers of color often face more obstacles than their counterparts. However, the profession remains to be a reward in many aspects. “I’ve been met with many micro-aggressions and obstacles as I’ve worked hard to obtain and maintain leadership positions. Gratefully, I’ve been able to advance in my career in spite of the challenges faced,” she adds. “One of the greatest rewards has been the feedback from anyone that I’ve helped who has shared how impactful my support has been in their lives,” she continues.


LaTia Russell also impacts communities of color in various ways. From sharing her gift in the office to also sharing her talents through literature, she is a force of nature. “As a Social Work leader, I’ve been very active within my agency in the conversation regarding inclusion, diversity, equity & access. We work to ensure that communities of color have access to care and services,” LaTia mentions. “I also serve as a subject matter expert for the North Chicago Think Tank. The North Chicago Think Tank is an organization that focuses on improving the quality of life for the citizens of North Chicago, IL; which is primarily a community of color. The North Chicago Think Tank is intentional about creating spaces and experiences for the community and ensuring equitable access,” she adds.


LaTia also has a new author anthology that is set to release this spring called “I Choose Me”. This book collaboration expands on her existing social work role by encouraging other women to choose self-love in their daily lives. This month we salute our present-day social work trailblazers like LaTia Russell who tirelessly serve others. Connect with her brand online at;; and


Writer C. Scott is an authorpreneur, MSW, and mom who can be followed online as @curls_coils.

Photo courtesy of LaTia Russell