The immigrant journey of countless Africans brews a tumultuous tale, featuring many highs and lows. It is a story marked by mixed emotions, the struggles of adapting to an unfamiliar environment, navigating foreign customs, and yearning for the warmth of familiar faces and cherished traditions that define home. In a world where connections matter more than ever, TribeMeets emerges as a beacon of hope for 41 million strong Africans in the diaspora, providing a dynamic online space to effortlessly bridge cultural identities, by helping people find their true TRIBE.

The founding of TribeMeets is based on the lived experiences of a remarkable duo who are no strangers to the immigration story – CEO and Co-Founder, Abigail Osei-Tutu and COO and Co-Founder, Sade Luwoye. The mission is clear to these two: to simplify and make the relocation process easier for Africans in the diaspora across states and borders, by providing an accessible pathway to a welcoming community rich in culture. Abigail, a first-generation Ghanaian, brings a wealth of knowledge in Psychology and Sociology to TribeMeets, championing meaningful connections; and Sade Luwoye, a first-generation Nigerian-American, Tech professional with an Electrical and Systems Engineering background, passionately drives community building and making a positive impact.

TribeMeets is not just a platform; it is a lifeline for Africans in the diaspora, offering a sanctuary where cultural connections thrive, unity flourishes, and belonging is felt deeply. It is an intimate community passionately dedicated to empowering transplants –  people who have recently located – by providing curated spaces and events where to process and share their experiences and challenges. TribeMeets ignites the flames of connection and understanding, allowing members of the diaspora African community to come together, meet, and forge lasting bonds. This beloved community has captured attention and secured vital funding from Techstars, a renowned accelerator program committed to nurturing exceptional ventures, enabling them to build an app to boost their activities.

The founders reminisced about the journey so far. Sade Luwoye shares, “We’ve come a long way, and it’s remarkable to see TribeMeets grow from a simple idea to a community that has brought people together and allowed them create such heartwarming and much needed connections”. Abigail Osei-Tutu shared excitement about the journey ahead, anticipating the events in the works. “We have a few events lined up and we can’t wait to build with TribeMeets. If you’re interested in culture, community and networking, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. We are so grateful for the blessings coming our way.’’ 

TribeMeets is not just confined to the digital realm. It is a commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and promoting Black Excellence in the diaspora, powered by a belief in the power of face-to-face connections with a host of warm in-person events geared at connecting individuals, businesses, and organizations. The Link Up event is one of many such physical gatherings, providing a chance for community members to engage with local vendors, African store owners, and brands in a space that is focused on community building and networking with like-minded individuals. In addition, Tribe Meets has proudly spearheaded an event that has brought the community closer together than ever before. Moving forward, they are committed to amplifying these efforts, working hand in hand with local organizations and community leaders to foster an environment where every voice is heard and every member feels valued. Through continued collaboration and dedication, they aim to strengthen the bonds that unite them and create lasting positive change for Africans in the diaspora.

The TribeMeets community is an open invitation to those seeking more than just an app – a space where culture thrives, friendships bloom and resources abound. Join the TribeMeets movement by visiting their website: 


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