As an internationally-known content creator and motivational speaker, Duane Kyles uses his gifts to empower the next generation. In this article, Duane shines a light on his platform UanesWorld and ways that he navigates the marketplace as a creative entrepreneur. 

Tell us more about who you are.

I am internationally-known content creator, motivational speaker, minister, husband and father. I am married to the love of my life, a father to a beautiful daughter and handsome son. I love to travel the world, empower the youth, and spend time with my greatest love, which is family.

 My platform is “UanesWorld”, which garnered over 30 million views online with viewership in over 50 countries around the world. This platform has given me the opportunity to impact countless people especially youth. Truly, my dreams originally were shattered when I didn’t make a college basketball team but I overcame that disappointment by focusing on ways to encourage my peers and the youth. So in 2015, UanesWorld was created to highlight high school athletes and others to remind them of their greatness. 

As a content creator, I have worked with professional athletes such as, Ja Morant and A’ja Wilson, as well companies like Nike and ESPN.

Tell us more about your business ventures, community initiatives, and overall field of expertise.

For years, I served as a content creator on my platform “UanesWorld” were I had the opportunity to highlight basketball players around South Carolina and surrounding regions. I’ve been blessed to receive over 30 millions views in over 50 countries around the world while working with companies like Nike and Espn. Now, as a motivational speaker, I have been blessed to travel to various schools, churches, and organizations to share my story of resilience. There is nothing more rewarding than someone coming up to you after a presentation to tell you that you were able to help them navigate a dark situation. Recently, a young lady approached me in tears as she told me that the words that I shared helped her get out of a toxic relationship. 

What advice would you share with creative entrepreneurs who are navigating ways to generate income with their talents? 

I would challenge all creative entrepreneurs to continuously study the markets they are working in with a desire to serve the underserved. First, find a problem that needs to be solved. Second, don’t be afraid to try new things and acquire new skills in the process. 

Your ability to stand out in the marketplace will determine whether or not you will truly be able to succeed. Everyday, you must ask yourself “What new piece of information have I learned that has given me an edge?”. If that is not a constant practice for you, don’t be surprised when those you consider to be less talented than you, get m

ore work. Regardless of the industry, you must be a person who is always looking for ways to be better. Find your competitive edge and use it for your advantage but never at the expense of someone else.

What inspired you to Write Down the Vision and Make it plain – traveling as a motivational speaker?

In 2017, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak to a group of boys at Longleaf Middle School in Columbia, SC. The night prior to the engagement, I was worried and had anxious thoughts racked in my brain. “What if I stutter?”. “What if they don’t understand?”. I had a million thoughts rolling through my brain and as I put my presentation together, I just prayed that God would get all the glory. Scared out of my mind, I walked into the classroom and demanded the respect of the room. At the end of my presentation, I could tell that most of the kids were leaned in a posture of expectation. From that moment, I began to ask the boys if they were struggling mentally and a good number of them raised their hands. They began to share some of the thoughts they were having and some of them even began to shed tears in front of their classmates. Truthfully, some of the kids who initially walked into the room with scowls on their faces were now the same kids who were encouraging their classmates. There was a level of unity and vulnerability that formed. I truly believe healing took place that day! 

From that day forward, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was my life’s mission to travel the world and empower others!

One last question, how would you define Legacy?

 Legacy, in my opinion, is the impact one will have on future generations by leaving them with wisdom or wealth that makes a difference long after we are gone.


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Story By: Shenika A. Glover