In a dazzling celebration of innovation, resilience, and digital excellence, the Black Girl Digital Awards 2023 unfolded as a testament to the brilliance of black women in the digital space. The event brought together a powerhouse of talent, creativity, and inspiration, creating a night that will be etched in the annals of digital history. The Black Girl Digital Awards celebrated top earners and influencers in the digital space with a special celebration and keynote message from youtube superlative and entrepreneur,  Jackie Aina. Jackie won multiple awards for her impactful campaigns. The city’s most influential women were celebrated and invited out to this private celebration. The awards ceremony was decked with beautiful photo opps, delicious catering, and exceptional networking!

SHEEN was on the scene and we spoke with Tameka Raymond, Latoya Forever, Jazzy Mcbee and many more about their thoughts on Black Girl Digital.

Please watch our SHEEN exclusives below.