Many women dream about marrying someone who is as fun and responsible as they are good-looking. We imagine the beautiful children we’ll raise, and try to ensure that we’ll bring value through our personalities, education and careers. At some point, we meet this person and consider a journey to “happily ever after.” It won’t take long to realize that in order for this merger to work, you’ll need to learn yourself through inner work.

You might not realize it, but at some point in time, we create limiting beliefs about ourselves and others that we’ll have to overcome. They may or may not be true, but the important thing is to break free of those barriers to access peace and happiness for you and your loved one.

I’ve been married for 41 years, starting as a very independent 30-year-old. When I released my limiting beliefs (like the idea that no one could take care of my finances the way that I could), my house was a much happier place and life was a little sweeter.

Here are some limiting beliefs that we sometimes have. Again, they may even be true, but they don’t have to hold you back.

“He’s not good with money.” Maybe he’s a spendthrift. Share some ways that you’ve been able to make a penny stretch, and suggest implementing those methods into your household operations.
“He thinks he’s smarter than me.” Don’t deflect your insecurities onto your man. Be honest with yourself about how you see your value, and make improvements where needed. This boosts self-confidence, allowing you to genuinely celebrate those around you.
“He’s never gonna change.” This one is very dangerous! Why? When he begins to change, you won’t accept it, and that creates turmoil in the relationship. It’s never too late for anyone to change, and it’s unfair to deal with them as their former selves. Be supportive in facilitating change and exercise patience for as long as you can. Remember, someone has been patient with you.

Overcome your limiting beliefs to live in freedom and peace. You may be wounded, but you’re worthy of having a relationship that’s nothing short of a haven of love.

Dr. Sandra Ingram is a certified Dream Building Coach who specializes in providing structure and support for women to achieve success in their health and fitness, relationships, time and money freedom and vocation in a matter of months instead of years. The author of Before You Pray Again: The Keys to Effectual Fervent Prayer, Talk More, Fight Less, and The Heart of Communication workbook, Dr. Ingram has over three decades of experience assisting women transform themselves, while imparting life into their dreams.


Special Guest Author: Dr. Sandra Ingram


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