We’re in the season where it’s getting colder and we’re doing everything to keep our bodies warm. It’s a time where we are pulling out jackets, boots and the heater is on in the house.
We’re spending time with family and friends. Also lots of money is being spent.
During this time, there is so many desicions to be made. Such as, whose house are we having dinner at? Should I get a present for my parents, siblings, neices or nephews?
Here’s some thoughts…
Regardless of what you decide, use this time to create beautiful memories. Give without obligations. Change is good but there’s nothing wrong with keeping the tradition of what you always did or creating new ones. Parents may already have a lot of things. If you are stuck on what to give, pay attention to what they may need. Spouses maybe giving hints unintentionally throughout the year. Take notes, lol. Even with children, we may spend a lot of money on gifts but many times our little ones love to play with just the box the gifts come in. They also seem to enjoy the least expensive gifts. Eitherway, the smile on their faces is priceless.
This season is also hard for someone who has lost a love one. My prayers are with you. I hope you find peace with good memories and have a good strong support system.
Here is a few daily safety tips including a few from our local officers during the Holidays. Stay alert while driving and focus on your surroundings rather than the cell phone. Survey your surroundings when going to and from your vehicle. Check banking statements regularly. When shopping, stay as far away from crowds as you can. Try to shop early and don’t wait until the last minute. If you have an elderly love one, check on them often. Especially if they are living alone. Make sure they are not involved in any scams.
May you stay strong in this season! Physically and Mentally!
You may have money to spend, gifts to give but we have only one life to live.
Stay Safe!
Tis the season to find Joy, Happiness and Peace!