Many people wonder how powerful women are able to manage it all. There is a myth that you must be single with no kids to reach your career goals as a Black woman.  Well, Keisha R. Perry Walker seamlessly is a loving wife to super TV producer, Ty Walker, a mother of two, and one of the best entertainment lawyers in the United States and contradicts that myth. “I hope that my story and example help people to know that you are who you choose to be, not based on who people label you to be. I hope to inspire young women that they can have a successful business, marriage, children, travel, and have strong relationships too, explains Keisha.

Keisha R. Perry Walker is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and a dual degree graduate of the University of Tennessee, which was already phenomenal. She received her Juris Doctorate from the College of Law in 2004. Keisha is currently admitted to practice in Georgia where she is a member of the Sports and Entertainment Law Section. She started her law firm out of a desire to chart her own path in the entertainment industry. She spent the prior year working for a mid-size debt collection firm and hated the work she was doing, but it paid the bills. With absolutely, no experience, she found a mentor who taught her the ropes and encouraged her to start her own law firm. Almost two decades later, she is a key player in the game of Entertainment Law. Despite, sexism, racism, no money, staff turnover, and the gamut of what comes with being an entrepreneur, she is still thriving and managing her household with ease.

“As the product of teenage pregnancy, my Mom was very strict as she wanted to make sure I did not make the same mistakes that she did. Several people told me, I would wild out in college and end up back in Memphis. I had goals that I was adamant about accomplishing regardless of the obstacles. I speak to so many women, young and old, who have felt like they had to sacrifice their personal lives in order to have career success or vice versa,” continues Keisha.

Here are Keisha’s top three tips on how to juggle being a wife, mother, and stellar entertainment lawyer:

1. Planning: Planning is key to life, especially with children being involved in martial arts, gymnastics, and playing ball and both herself and her husband working in the entertainment industry. With a spouse that travels a lot for work, she creates a weekly schedule that includes kids’ activities, meetings and workload, travel, workout schedule, grocery shopping, household chores, and extracurricular activities.

2. Utilizing resources to assist and recharge: This is an area that she is excellent at in every capacity except for her kids. She struggles with Mom guilt when she is not present with them, but she utilizes her aunt as a resource to be present when they cannot be. She also believes in spa days to rejuvenate and recharge to allow her to refill in order to continue to do all that she can do for her family.

3. Being Selective: As an entertainment attorney having her own firm, she is very selective of who she accepts as a client. Some clients and their needs are not aligned with her priority and lifestyle. The clients and projects that she takes on are easily factored into the goals that she set personally for herself and her family. My philosophy is to build work around the foundation of family and friends!

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Perry Law Firm