“Investing is not about monetary gains – it’s about future earnings. It’s about having financial literacy and understanding where to invest.” 

When Samuel “Danny” Hayslett walks into a room his style speaks for him. Everything from the color of his suits to its texture is considered as he crafts his signature look. Like most entertainment executives, he knows that your image speaks volumes before your voice is ever heard and that your first impression can often be your last. 

I like fitted clothing, I like the preppy look with a touch of urban. At formal events I only wear Christian Louboutin shoes – I like that brand a lot and I’m an advocate for their shoes because they’re different. For more casual events I usually wear jeans and a blazer with white air force 1s – it’s a classic,” he says. “I dress according to my energy and how I feel. Since I have bright energy, I embrace a lot of bright colors. It all depends on my feelings.”

For over two and a half decades Hayslett has worked behind the scenes in music and entertainment. From his early days as an intern for Sony to his work with Destiny’s Child and Bow Wow – he knew then as he knows now that his keen eye for talent and innate ability to see the next big act would become the cornerstone for his business enterprises.  

Known on social media platforms by his moniker DannyWarBuckz, the Entertainment Mogul and CEO of Music Files spends his time, energy, and money investing in high-yielding entertainment projects for musicians, songwriters, and films. 

Music Files is an artist development company. Operating similar to a record label, the company invests in artists but gives them the creative control to navigate their careers on their own. The firm embraces an original, peculiar law coined “Beyond the 360 Deal.” It’s an agreement between music files and an artist. “They come to me for a substantial amount of money to finance their projects. We negotiate 10 singles of choice where I own 50% of the publishing and masters – they walk away with a non-exclusive agreement and own 100% of the rights to all but 10 songs,” says the innovative investor.

When NFTs became an integral conversation in the financial community, Hayslett was ahead of the curb as the market for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency grew. As a representation of real-world items like artwork, real estate, and now film – NFT’s “tokenize” these real-world tangible assets and make buying, selling, and trading them more efficient while reducing the probability of fraud. 

As an Executive producer and film financier of projects like The Black Experiment, Hayslett talks about creating the first NFT for the film. “We’re putting it on the market to be innovative, through NFTs there’s an option to own digital images of a film. I feel like a person that loves films should have the option to part ownership of the digital image in that film,” he says. 

To be a part owner and a part of the journey, they can own the value. They can buy, sell, and trade and not be just a spectator of the film,” he adds. 

 Inspired by his desire to create wealth for his daughter, Hayslett opens up about how he became part owner and negotiated a lifelong stream of revenue for his daughter. “My daughter wanted to be a part of the film and as an innovator ownership is a priority. If I invested, I wanted to be part owner so my daughter could have lifetime ownership of the film and not just get a check and acting royalties. So that was the reason I took it on,” he says. 

Through his latest business venture, Hayslett created the first NFT for the film industry. “The Black Experiment is a story about at-risk kids getting into trouble in high school and then working together to resolve their problems. In the film, the kids are going through adversity and figuring out ways to become better people,” he says. 

It’s one of many projects that he believes in and put his dollars behind. “No matter what you do, you have to believe in what you do. Investing is not about monetary gains – it’s about future earnings, it’s about having financial literacy and understanding where to invest. In grade school students aren’t taught about low-risk and high-risk investments, but as an innovative investor I can tell you that it’s about investing in what you believe in and who you believe in,” he says. 

For more information, visit IG @DannyWarBuckz