Zuri Dale is a part of that number as a woman of color, entrepreneur, and scientist who continues upgrading, learning, and developing new techniques, and her understanding of art and skin science transfers wonderfully into the art of micro pigmentation.


Tell us a little about Zuri Dale outside of your bio. 

I am the youngest of five children. This is always a shock because my personality causes most to naturally assume that I am the oldest, but I am in fact the youngest (in charge, lol) of my family.


When did you realize that makeup was your passion? 

I realized makeup was my passion at an extremely young age. My mother always encouraged me academically and I knew that it was required that I excel and do well in school, so I did not take the time to develop many other hobbies. I do remember vividly playing in all of my mother’s makeup and wearing her products to school. Makeup provided a creative outlet for me it gave me a space to enjoy something of which I was responsible for the outcome. I think this is why I was so drawn to permanent makeup. I feel so responsible for the outcome, and I am so sensitive about my artistry.


It’s National Women’s Small Business Month. What advice would you give to women who not only enjoy their careers but want to start their own businesses?

Society will cause us to think that we cannot do it and be it all. In fact, we can, and we can excel in both in parallel. As renaissance women, we can grow in our careers and grow our businesses without having to sacrifice one for the other. My advice is to go at them both fully and not allow one to be given less attention as both must be pursued with the same intensity.


With a busy schedule, what are some of your daily beauty routines that you can’t be without?

My daily routine has changed over the years and with the extreme variation in my days it is increasingly difficult to do the exact same things every day, but at this place in my life, I cannot live without motivational encouragement. My days are typically long and can be stressful, but my daily motivations keep me centered and they give me a constant to come back to every day.


What advice would you give someone looking to get into permanent makeup? 

If you are interested in the industry, my advice is to invest in quality training. Performing these services is not as easy as they seem, and quality training is necessary. Unfortunately, in this industry, many of the training sessions are not as in-depth as they should be for the price point.


What can we expect to see in the coming months from your brand? 

In addition to performing permanent makeup, I host a permanent makeup conference yearly. The hyperfocus of the conference is improving the healed work of women of color and the entire conference weekend is all about how to properly serve the complexities of the beautifully melanated skin type. The conference was born out of necessity in this industry, and I have been privileged to see it grow. I envision it growing into the largest permanent makeup conference for women of color. What is also true about the industry is that women of color are not given the platform they deserve so PMUCon allows a space to also amplify experts in the industry that are women of color.


How can people follow and connect with you?

I am very active on social media at @artistrybyzuri on Instagram and Facebook. You can also view the amazing work we are doing with PMUCon at @pmucon on Instagram.