When the creative power of art intertwines with the transformative energy of activism, a dynamic synergy emerges, sparking a unique blend of innovation and change. This exciting alliance is precisely what Jessica Licata and Alison Vitolo, co-founders of equalshuman, celebrate through their design work. Turning adversity into a vivid tapestry of triumph, they have stitched together their shared experiences to create a revolutionary fashion brand. Each article under this label is more than a piece of clothing—it’s a sustainable work of art. This visual narrative is etched meticulously by Licata, and revered as licataBEAN in the art world. Their designs go beyond fabric and thread, they embody a unique story, foster connection, and resonate with the shared human experience.

Their journey of resilience commenced amid chaotic times, a period when the world grappled with the existential crisis of COVID-19. The pandemic struck numerous blows, causing setbacks that led to hasty decisions and steep learning curves. But, like steel in a crucible, Licata and Vitolo emerged stronger, transforming obstacles into opportunities. Today, their relentless perseverance serves as the backbone of equalshuman, a brand that stands testament to their grit, creativity, and remarkable spirit.

Borne from the fires of struggle, equalshuman grew organically into a vibrant community of creatives. The duo didn’t merely foster a customer base—they sowed the seeds of a collective that appreciated the human touch behind every article of clothing, relishing the intimate connection with Mother Earth. This connection solidified the philanthropic angle that underlined their business model. Every purchase contributes to a larger cause, with a ten percent donation from each sale, funneling back into community enrichment.

The world of high fashion has taken note of equalshuman’s unconventional approach. Their artistic flair has graced the illustrious stages of New York Fashion Week for two seasons and been showcased at Art Basel. Celebrity stylists have handpicked their gear for high-end magazines, worn by the likes of Toosi, Ray Angry, London Brown, and Derek Warburton. The co-founders’ tireless philanthropic work through, “Thanksgiving in Harlem,” a not-for-profit initiative, has been another significant milestone, proving that fashion and activism make a compelling pair.

Licata and Vitolo want their journey to serve as a beacon for others navigating their personal and professional storms. They passionately believe in human resilience, reminding their community—and themselves—that irrespective of the struggle, they matter. And are worth the fight.

Looking ahead, their vision for equalshuman transcends conventional fashion retail. They envision a brick-and-mortar hub as a sanctuary for creatives where wealth creation is inclusive and promotes collective growth. The act of wearing clothing is guided by this transformative principle: wearing custom pieces is an experience, and donning art is transcendent.

The story of equalshuman is a powerful testament to the merging of art and activism. Licata and Vitolo, through their sustainable, one-of-a-kind clothing line, have reimagined fashion as a platform for community building, philanthropy, and self-expression. Their journey, characterized by raw authenticity and relentless perseverance, serves as an inspiring narrative of triumph, resilience, and innovation. The duo stands as a testament to the possibility of harmony between humanity and Mother Earth, a theme that resonates in every thread of their meticulously crafted wearable art.