Eric “Buddy” Davis is a passionate individual who shines brightest when entertaining, planning, and collaborating to execute the visions of others while hosting events. “I love all people” is Eric’s motto, and it shows in how well he works with everyone. Eric believes that life is the one gift that you have daily opportunities to open and explore.

As a host and in his everyday life Eric’s exuberant personality is felt by everyone he meets. Long-term, Eric’s goals are to host major music and film events and one day start his own production company. Today, Eric has recently released his new podcast “Do It For The Love” with co-host Comacell Brown.

What do you define as success?


Success to me is feeling complete after accomplishing a feat or goal. Success to me is survival on a day-to-day basis because life is challenging. You can be successful every day by making it to the next day. Success is when your peers celebrate you or fans idolize you. But ultimately success is what we make it because if you don’t feel like you won or accomplished anything, success means nothing.

When did you know you wanted to become a host? What’s your inspiration behind hosting?

Buddy: I knew I wanted to entertain from a young age. I love people. Valerie Johnson, my aunt gave me the nickname “Buddy” at birth because she said I was super happy and friendly. Also, having a sister that’s a decade older than me that I could only hang around if I was being helpful, funny, or entertaining. So, seeing people’s face light up let me know I bring them Joy. That stuck with me as I got older. On top of loving music, movies and award shows since an adolescent, it’s just in me to be the life of the party.

Do you believe in work- life balance? If so, how do you maintain it?

Buddy: Yes, I believe in work life balance. It’s easier to do nothing but if you want a family, a successful career and freedom you must know yourself first and foremost. You’re the engine so you must know how to keep your body serviced and brain sharp. The keys for me are clear communication, respected boundaries, time management and a bit of selfishness and selflessness.

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs especially in the hosting or entertainment space?

Buddy: The best piece of advice is to believe in yourself. I know that’s an easy generic answer, but the truth is that life is simple, and most answers are as well. The hard part is identifying your gift or passion then executing and putting that out into the world with consistency and confidence. Know your lane, find your lane, and then hit the road.

What would attract listeners to your story?

Buddy: I think my honesty, authenticity, and love for life would attract listeners to my story. We all are interesting people in our own way. Some of us are too shy to let the world in and some of us share everything. I don’t struggle with letting people in. I am pretty much an open book and love to share my journey. The hosting and podcast are one thing but, having an autistic child, being the first male to graduate college in my family, coaching the youth and much more makes for an interesting read, listen or watch.

What is your proudest business accomplishment?

Buddy: As of right now the “Do It 4 The Love Podcast” and just hosting so many events in the last two years would be what I am most proud of in business. I have hosted weddings, major birthdays, and annual events that make me an intricate part of other people’s stories. When they rewatch the footage or tell stories about that day they can’t be told without me. I hope to accomplish the same with my podcast. Me and my cohost Comacell “Cell Spitfire” Brown are almost through our first season, and it feels amazing having a platform where other people can motivate, inspire, teach, learn and much more.

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