It’s that time again! — Tomorrow, November 8th is General Election Day; the last in-person voting day for general elections!

GA State Representative Erica Thomas is fired up per usual, encouraging the GA communities to vote, and finding innovative and effective ways to spread the momentum for societal change and progression!

We had the pleasure and opportunity of sitting down with her for the latest on her new song “Betta Vote”, which can be streamed on all major platforms. She had a great time creating the visuals and spreading the e message behind it all:

“We wanted to come up with a song that was trendy, a beat that was trendy, so that people could get on Instagram and dance to it, move to it and get excited! — When you think about voting and you think about all the issues, it gets heavy! It’s all heavy stuff, you know; abortion rights and voting rights and heavy things that are all very, very important; but we wanted to lighten it up and give people something to be happy about and get excited about while they are fulfilling their civil duty.”

Rep. Thomas shared her desire to reel in the troops such as celebrity influencers and mega stars like P-Diddy as she mentioned, not just for campaigns and endorsements but for general things requiring action up at the capital! She is excited about reaching the people and evoking positive movement within the culture when it comes to using our voices and showing up for what we believe in regarding humanity, laws, checks and balances.

She says don’t be swayed by the hype as she shared some common myths floating around about voting:

“There are myths out there that are scaring a lot of people. — Oh, the lines are going to be too long, or am I going to be able to stand out there long enough? If I give someone water am I going to get in trouble? — I think that what we really need to know is that there are lots of different provisions that are out there being put in place now, with the drop-off ballot boxes and a couple of different things so that the lines won’t be as long. — One thing I will say to people is to get out there and vote during times that are not rush hour periods. For example: 7am – 10am everyone is going to be there, 4pm – 6pm everyone is going to be there. Try to get out and vote around noon; take a lunch break! Legally, they have to give you one hour to go vote on voting day.”

We can appreciate her motivation and encouragement to rally the input of Georgia’s citizens to exercise our rights. — Rep. Erica Thomas also encourages the regions young people to get out and get involved with real change; such as joining a city council or school board, or running for a position in government office to have more power and voice within areas that call for answers by true decision makers.

“The people that make the decisions on what really happens here in Georgia, or in your city/state, are the locally elected officials; That’s your State Representatives, your State Senators, and all of the local county officials and school board members. They make all of the immediate decisions so we have to make sure we are voting locally! — The President can make recommendations and he can sign executive orders, but in order to make sure things get done, he has to get bills passed, and that’s by our local legislators.”

Your voice matters and we are proud to be an extender of the message at hand, which is that you “BETTA VOTE!” — Your vote is your business, but it is your duty as a member of your community, first. Get out and vote, tomorrow, November 8th, 2022 at your local voting booth.