The Essence of Love Retreat was a wonderful initiative that emphasizes the importance of continually nurturing and strengthening relationships. Jody and Lancelot Ferguson’s belief in falling in love repeatedly with the same person resonates deeply, and their dedication to promoting deeper connections among couples is commendable.

Amidst a world where social media often amplifies relationship problems and negativity, the Essence of Love Retreat shines as a beacon of hope. Its focus on celebrating differences and embracing them as part of a fulfilling marriage is a refreshing change. The retreat’s efforts to spread positivity and offer tools for couples to grow together are truly uplifting.

Fergusons will host periodic online chats and regional workshops to keep the momentum going and provide ongoing support and guidance for couples. By offering these resources, the Fergusons are extending the reach of their message and creating opportunities for couples to continue their journey of love and growth.

Many couples will benefit from the Essence of Love Retreat’s offerings, which continue to inspire and strengthen relationships for years to come. For more information, visit

Photo Credit: Essence of Love Retreat