Even in the Pandemic We are your Lighthouse Ministries : We restore  Rescue and Recover

Lighthouse Ministries is set apart by the spirit of God to communicate the Gospel “Good News” of Jesus Christ to the poor and at-risk individuals to meet their physical and emotional needs. 

It benefits individuals, families and communities by offering housing, success sheltering, preschool, pastoral counseling, Licensed Mental Health Counseling, education, certification, career pathways, employment, food boxes, hot meals, addiction recovery, trauma care, life skills, transportation, neighborhood kid clubs, all to give dignity and a better quality of life through the power of the Gospel. 

Our Vision is that those we serve will have God’s peace, life purpose and fulfillment of potential

We have 99 paid staff and of those entrusted to run the organization 34 have experienced homelessness or drug addiction or both. 

It’s one of the few programs nationwide where they come in broken and upon choosing to taking responsibility for their lives, receive food, clothing, shelter, education, childcare, transportation, Licensed Mental Health Counseling,

Christian case management, faith and finance curriculum, jobs for life classes, receive part time paid employment, save $3500-$5,000, move into their own home and become employed full-time with benefits and are encouraged to excel to additionally better paying careers while living out the core values imparted to them while they were in the rescue and recovery programs.

Who came up with the name Lighthouse ministry? 

The Founders Jim Welch & Carl Warnock

Just as the old Lighthouses would guide ships the Lighthouse guided men to Jesus Christ to be rescued. Just like the ships were battered with storms at sea so were these men living on the streets.

 What year was the organization founded? 


Please tell our Sheen readers  more about your ministry.

The ministry would like to have 25 Beacons of Hope throughout west central Florida in 5 years. Offering hope that changes lives in various forms of rescue and recovery for men, women and children.

While I was there on tour I fell in love with your garden. Please tell us what inspires you about the garden in Lighthouse ministry. 

I’ve always wanted to offer farming as an industry pathway and for providing fresh produce. A healthier diet for the homeless and addicted is essential. After reading a newspaper article about a hydroponic garden system for strawberries a Board member Steve Bellamy called me. We investigated it and with Steve’s help and a very generous donor we were given a grant to complete the process. Chester Bulloch who developed the Hydro-Stackers joined our efforts and we’ve enjoyed produce from it for over 16 years.

It also gives the men great satisfaction of raising their own produce. It also fits in our Bible lessons referencing many parables told by Jesus.

How can we find our more information about the Lighthouse? 

Touring (you can sign up for a tour at our website, going to our Facebook account and following us. Provide your email and cell number for ViewSpark posts weekly.

What are the most challenging obstacles that you’re facing during the pandemic? 

We been blessed, our monthly sustaining needs have been met. We’ve had so many special people step up to assist us because of the additional needs brought on by COVID and the nations reaction to it. 

The challenge is for the families in West Central Florida who are emotionally and spiritually drained and don’t believe they have hope. The pandemic is causing people to give up, to even take their life, to live in fear, to be condemned to domestic violence and sex trafficking. The stress levels in homes, hotels, are bringing issues of uncontrollable child abuse. We must do more to stop it.

The Lighthouse Ministries has a proven track record of 44 years. The biggest problem we are facing is reaching these needs. To reach 1000 people for 1 year we need $13,870,000. We are able to provide successful rescue and recovery for one individual for $38.00 per day. That’s $13,870 for an entire year to bring dignity and a better quality of life. 

Comprehensive rescue and recovery are needed. The difference is we have to offer hope and a way for the victims to see themselves empowered to take responsibility for their lives and be victorious.




All images by Nicole Jack