Everyone’s favorite comedian, hairstylist, and fashion designer Tina Knowles, affectionately known as Mama Tina, makes her Proud Family debut as “Ms. Gina.” Ms. Gina is a no-nonsense hairstylist who styles Penny Proud’s frenemy, LaCienega’s for her quinceañera. In this exclusive clip, Ms. Gina holds no punches while prepping to style the girls for LaCienega’s party. Take a look below!

Synopsis: LaCienega’s quinceañera has finally arrived and she has very specific plans for it. When her cousin, LaBrea, an ugly-duckling-turned-beautiful-swan, threatens to steal her thunder, LaCienega grows increasingly hostile, which threatens to alienate Penny and her crew. Meanwhile, Sunset deals with her sister, Melrose’s, passive-aggressive critiques of every aspect of the quinceañera by choosing increasingly extravagant and expensive party elements that threaten to break the bank.

The episodes airs April 13th on Disney +

Photos and images courtesy of Disney+