LaNease has officially transitioned from Actress to Executive Producer and is currently starring in her film title “Heavens Revenge” which is a film that also sheds light on mental health.

Can you tell us who is LaNease Adams?

I am an actress, and film producer, who first gained notoriety by being the first black contestant and the first kiss on the first season of the longest-running reality show in history, The Bachelor.

During the re-airing of Season 1 of The Bachelor, the news was shared that the instant fame, coupled with some racist online rhetoric, I fell into a deep depression and an addiction to pain medication. I ended up beating those life-altering challenges through therapy, books, and self-reflection. I learned about self-love and positive coping mechanisms for life’s challenges and eventually wrote a children’s book called “Your Special Light,” to help parents open up a conversation about self-love to their children, so that they can avoid some of the pitfalls that I endured. I also co-wrote, starred in, and produced my first feature film, called “Heaven’s Revenge,” which can be streamed free on Tubi and also found on Amazon Prime Video.

You recently released a new movie, “Heaven Revenge”, can you tell us more about it?

Heaven’s Revenge is a feature film in which I play a fragile, young woman named Heaven Bailey, who has her heart broken by her boyfriend. She feels betrayed by him and lied to, therefore she proceeds to make him pay by shooting him.  When her lover does not succumb to his wounds, she tortures him relentlessly.

Heaven’s Revenge was inspired by some of the classic films, A Thin Line Between Love and Hate, Misery, and Fatal Attraction. 

Heaven’s Revenge is streaming free on Tubi and is also streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

You’ve also written a children’s book, “Your Special Light”, can you tell us more about your book and what motivated you to write it?

“Your Special Light,” is a children’s book that I wrote as a conversation starter for parents who would like to start young with teaching their children about self-love, and self-esteem. It’s a short story that you can read along with your child, and when it’s over, the child now has a mental understanding of the beauty in each person’s uniqueness. 

I came up with the idea to write this book, because after I overcame challenges like depression, and people-pleasing, I realized that I lacked self-love at my core. I also realized that it was a conversation that I never had growing up, and I think it’s an important conversation to have. Especially as children go to school and begin to deal with possible bullying, or not fitting in, and peer pressure. I wanted to help parents and children.

As a successful entrepreneur, published author, executive producer, and leading actress, how do you balance everything and still have time for your personal self-care?

I have learned to put self-care at the top of my list. Making time for exercise, journaling, and sometimes saying “no” to people and to things that are not in alignment with what best serves me and my mental health. I feel that everything else stemmed from making that choice. It gave me more time and clarity to decide what I wanted to do, and how I planned to get there.

Discipline has been a wonderful tool that I actually developed more, later in life. I discovered that we could do a lot of things if we really set a goal and constantly pursue it. Learning and growing as we go.  Not taking no for an answer at times, for the things that we’d like to achieve.

What would you like our viewers to gain from this interview? 

It’s my goal to be an inspiration to my fellow humans. I’d like a viewer that might be going to a rough patch, to know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. And I’d love to share how I got there.

What advice would you give to aspiring Actresses and Producers in the Film & Television industry?

The entertainment industry is very tough. You have to have tough skin, prepare for a lot of no’s, and you have to give 100% – no shortcuts. With that being said, I’ve learned that everything in life is a challenge, so you just choose the thing that you feel is worth sacrificing for. If entertainment is that thing, then just continue to go for it!

How can people connect with you?

You can find me on Facebook, and Instagram @LaNeaseAdams . Also, through my website