Erica Hubbard is one of Hollywood’s rising actresses. Her resilience, fearlessness, and persistence landed her numerous roles in television and film’s biggest roles playing Kita Whitmore on Let’s Stay Together on the BET network and Kiana Anderson in the film Akeelah and the Bee. In this exclusive with Sheen Magazine Hubbard talks about her latest projects, her inspirations and more.

Who inspires you to pursue a career in television and film?

My parents inspired me to pursue a career in TV & Film when I was eight years old. They took me to auditions to book roles, and when I turned eighteen I trained in theater at Columbia College in Chicago. Some of my favorite actresses that inspire me now are Regina King, Viola Davis, Meryl Streep, Francis McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Angela Bassett, Glenn Close & Oprah Winfrey.

How did some of your previous television/film credits prepare you for your current roles?

My previous TV & Film roles prepared me for current roles by studying my work over and over again watching my projects when released. I learn how to work camera angles better during coverage to capture the scene to the fullest. Recently, I was invited to join the “Producers Guild of America” so a lot of production’s ask me to produce as well.

Where do you gather some of your inspiration from when preparing for roles?

People of all walks of life that I come in contact with everyday (at the grocery store, gas station, shopping malls or restaurants) inspire me when prepping for a role. I study human behavior; mannerisms and reactions to emotions and use it while filming my character roles.  I pay close attention to someone’s feelings, demeanor and personality so I can emulate a person later in my performance. It’s somewhat the method-acting technique along with other acting techniques I use on-camera.

Is there any other career or profession you could see yourself in if you weren’t an actress ?

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and studied to be an investigative news reporter and could see myself as a news anchor or talk-show host as well.

What was something that motivates you during difficult times in your career?

 My family motivates me to continue pursuing my acting career in the entertainment industry and encourages me a lot! My family is always so excited to see my work and it brings them joy. I come from a very large family in Chicago so I am grateful my support system is huge.

What advice would you give to your younger self about breaking into Hollywood?

I would give myself the same advice I did when I first moved to Hollywood from Chicago; find a mentor in the industry who has a lot of TV & Film experience to help guide you and always continue taking acting classes to keep training.

Tell us about your latest projects. What fans can look forward to?

My latest projects are “In The Shadows” Television Series now streaming on For Us By Us Network where I play a Spy and had to do a lot of my own stunts. Also, I just wrapped a movie called “Vampire Mist” (Action Thriller) & “My Perfect Wedding” (Rom-Com) that’s coming out very soon.  I truly appreciate everyone still watching the syndicated TV Series’ “Lincoln Heights” now streaming on HULU.  To see all my projects follow me on Instagram @1ericahubbard

Photographer: Anthony Tolen 
Makeup: Laura Wright