One of Your Girls” is a song by Australian singer Troye Sivan. It was released through EMI and Capitol as the third single from his third studio album both released on 13 October 2023.

The song was written about Sivan’s sexual encounters with men who previously considered themselves straight but were questioning and “wanted to experiment”.Sivan was inspired by the conflicting feelings these experiences brought, particularly emptiness and vulnerability after the encounters.[1] At the listening party, Sivan elaborated on how he believed his internalised homophobia led him to these men, describing “the sort of fantasy of it all, the attraction of it all, me bending myself to be what I think you might want”.

Sivan wrote the song with Leland and Oscar Görres, the latter who produced it. Sivan liked the idea of an “apathetic sad robot voice” singing the chorus with him to reflect the feeling of emptiness after the relationships that are the direct inspirations for the song. Sivan’s voice in the chorus is coloured by a vocoder.Sivan stated that Max Martin came in the studio and they played songs for him. When he heard “One of Your Girls”, he stood up, asked them to play it again, gave the song a glowing review and then walked up to the keyboards and started playing a synth line though he asked to be uncredited for his contribution. 

The song’s music video, directed by Gordon von Steiner, was released concurrently with the single on 13 October. The video begins fully in black and white, with clips of Sivan singing to the camera. Beginning at the first chorus, Sivan appears in a drag persona, dancing sensually in various lingerie looks, and the video is predominantly in colour. The video notably features a shirtless Ross Lynch as the love interest, receiving a lap dance from Sivan. 

The video was the first time Sivan performed in drag. James Factora of Them disputed the label of “drag” for the performance, claiming that the term “implies a campiness or element of parody that isn’t present in the video”.Sivan described how he wanted to create a conventionally attractive “fantasy version” of himself. Dara Allen, the stylist for the video, confirmed in an Instagram post that Sivan’s look was a homage to Britney Spears and her work with costume designers Kurt and Bart. Regarding Lynch’s appearance, Sivan commented, 

“The song is written so adoringly about these guys that everyone is obsessed with—and everyone’s obsessed with Ross.”