Minds Empowered Counseling Services founders provide options to cope with holiday blues.

When we think about the fall/winter holiday season, we picture the full aromas of our favorite holiday dishes, the smooth sounds of holiday music, and the perfect scenery. A lot of us teleport to a time I our lives when the holidays felt perfect.

Oftentimes, whether you suffer from depression from a clinical perspective or not, the holidays can bring you down. As we grow older, we realize that some of the holiday cheer that we experienced as children, will never fully recreate itself into adulthood.

As there is much beauty in a time like this, there is also a considerable amount of sadness for many. We might not have enough money to afford to provide our loves ones with the gifts we wanted to give them, or we may be spending the holidays alone. Match that intensity with a global pandemic and it can be easy to fall into a somber state of being.


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