The planet has been affected by COVID-19 many are wearing protective masks for corona virus prevention. Since it’s necessary to wear a mask we might as well be fashionable right.  There are several styles of masks to choose from like the pleated mask similar to the surgical mask, and the point over the nose style. The surgical masks can be seen in hospitals and health care facilities.  This was the first style I created for those on the frontline, those in need, and many others. My nursing background led me to create this style. The pleated face masks can be seen in a variety of colors and patterns from afro-centric, whimsical, sports, to bling. As a fashion designer I enjoy creating items people look good and feel good wearing so I create a variety of patterns.

The point over the nose mask is very stylish and of course which ever mask one chooses really comes down to personal style. There are an array of colors and prints with flowers, zigzag, psychedelic, zebra, sequins, and bling. When I create bling designs they can be seen in crystal clear, multi-colored and custom-made with your name written onto mask. The sequin masks I have created are in iridescent, rose gold, black, and silver/gold. When creating custom-made masks it truly represents the personal style of customers. The face masks have actually become statement pieces.  It’s the norm to have numerous masks for each day or to match outfits, and for different occasions.    Another thing trending is head wraps with matching face masks made especially with authentic African fabrics from dashiki to Ankara wax in an array of colors. When my customers order these sets often times they tag me on social media channels I smile because my joy is a satisfied customer. Have you ever noticed when you’re out and about and everyone is checking each other’s masks out. Sometimes people ask others where they got their mask and this is how I have received lots of referrals. What can I say I’m a fashion designer who eats sleeps and drinks fashion.

Social and Political awareness can be seen on face masks also. For instance “Black Lives Matter” can be seen on masks to highlight murder and racial violence against people of color. Without getting too political there are so many who refuse and won’t try to comprehend this phrase with a reply “All Lives Matter”. However a person don’t have to experience injustice to realize it’s wrong. I was asked to create a mask written “I Can’t Breathe” three months ago when George Floyd died with an officers knee on his neck. This was Mr. Floyd’s last words repetitively before taking his last breath. I was not comfortable creating “I Can’t Breath” face masks for profit because it felt like exploitation. Therefore I didn’t and if I had created this, my thoughts were; I would have set up a trust fund for George Floyd’s children.

The most important factor of wearing any style mask is that they’re breathable. The cotton mask is the most breathable type. The second breathable masks are cotton polyester fabric and sequin because they’re sewn onto mesh fabric which has tiny holes throughout the fabric. The least breathable is 100% polyester because of its density and textile construction. It’s very difficult to breathe wearing masks made of polyurethane and faux leather and you can literally pass out when it’s hot because these have no ventilation.

The best way to clean your masks is to hand wash them in warm soapy water, rinse and clip onto a hanger to air dry for reuse. I also recommend that you can spray your mask with febreeze in case you cough or sneeze while wearing your masks this keeps it smelling fresh.

Let’s stay connected if you have any fashion questions feel free to send a direct message on Instagram, STAY SAFE and in peace.