Danni Washington talks about the exponential growth of her business over the last few years. 

They say some are born to be entrepreneurs. They have this spirit about them that is meant to be the leader of a business. Many believe that to be true of Danni Washington who started her life as a business owner at the age of only ten years old. The then-future millionaire started her first enterprise selling beaded bracelets and hair bows and later in high school sold snacks to the students at her school. It’s safe to say that she is one of the few that was born to be the boss. 

Washington, who has described herself as an average student with an above-average work ethic, started her adult entrepreneurial career as a behavioral therapist. The road from a behavioral therapist making a decent income to a multimillionaire with multiple locations in her credit and tax business has been an interesting one led by faith, focus, and one business-savvy boss lady.

Danni Washington chats with us about her journey from then until now.

Before we go in to talking about this exposure business that you built and a relatively short period of time, give me a little bit of background on you as an introduction to those that may not know your story.

 I am from Indianola, Mississippi and I went to a small school in a small town. I completed my bachelor’s and my master’s degree and then I worked as a therapist for about 2 to 3 years after that. I became a traveling behavioral therapist. I remember having this mentor that would always pull up in nice cars and I remember thinking that I wanted to be like her.  I remember asking her what she does and she told me that she does taxes but me being a college student I just said that I wanted to continue to be a therapist.  I eventually decided that I wanted to do something on the side for additional income so I started getting into credit repair and taking classes to learn more about that and I took a class with Ashley Massengill who had become a millionaire in her business.  I finished the credit class and then I started repairing credit and then by the time I opened my first tax preparation office I had about 1000 credit clients.  When I first tried doing taxes, I was nervous. After a while with the business I was building through referrals, it was time to open my own business. After my first year, I opened eight locations in my second year.

 Washington, who said that her mentor initially felt that she was moving too fast, thought that maybe she should pump the brakes a little bit and not expand so much so quickly. But Danni had a vision and she was on a mission.

Did it scare you growing so quickly and by so much in that period of time?

The person that I have been working with on the referrals initially who was also my mentor told me that she thought that I needed to slow down. She told me that she didn’t think it was gonna work but I told her that I knew that it was going to work. I had a plan and I knew that I wanted to target smaller areas and provide a service in this area that people normally do not reach. I went into those areas and I found people that wanted to be in business and they gave me a chance and I gave them a chance as well.  I went into these areas and I trained the people that I was working with and we worked as a team.  The business was doing very well and very quickly and very soon I made millionaire status.

What do you think has contributed to so much of your success outside of just your strategy for business?

 I feel that you cannot be greedy when it comes down to business. I feel like you have to give back.  This is the first year that I have helped someone make their first million. I also aim to be the best at everything that I do and I live by the model that “if better is possible then good is not enough.” If you can do better, why settle for just doing good? I am also very spiritual

You mentioned that you have children and that you have a strong relationship with your family. How do you find balance with the business at your building at the same time?

 I don’t know if I would really call it having balance, but I have found what works for me. You have to do what works for you. I have a strong support system with my mom. She is part of the reason I’m able to do other things that I’m doing and I don’t know what I would do without her. When I have to go out and do what I have to do and go on the road to work she tells me to focus on that and do what I have to do – I know that my children are in good hands. I’m still a very hands-on mom and I’m still very involved with their school and where we are from the teachers at school know me and they know that when anything happens at school or if a parent needs to be contacted I’m the person that they reach out to. I’m very hands-on m and my kids just understand that mommy is working for them.

Washington, who also says that she is in a relationship with a special someone, says that they also make sure to make time for each other. As for her business, while some may think that she has already done enough she says that she is only just beginning. She has a goal of helping people that look like her all across the country to build successful businesses and change their legacies for their families.

Images provided by Danni Washington

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