It’s been almost a month since fashion week; what a difference the climate we live in presently and how it has affected the Fashion World. Many Designers decided to pause this season from showcasing their garments. Some designers have been creative in doing a virtual show, three dimensional shows, and social distancing shows. Then others designers and fashion houses represented their lines outdoors in backyards, parks, and street pavement. Only a creative mind can execute such a concept. I also decided to do a capsule collection outdoors for Spring/Summer 2021.

Keeping abreast of the trends this fall is plaid inspired designs seen and worn everywhere. The plaid pattern can be worn with versatility. For instance plaid pants paired with a solid colored sweater or top is cool and can be dressed up or down depending on accessories worn. This fall you will see plaid blazers, trench coats, bomber jackets, and overcoats as outerwear. If you’re going back to the office or having zoom meetings some great styles are the coat dress which is a double breasted jacket dress returning from the 80’s including skirt suits, and pant suits. The laid back 90’s plaids are a button down shirt over a white tee. Plaid pajamas have never gone out of style whether they’re cotton or flannel, and please don’t wear your pajamas as outerwear like some seen at the grocery store, “laughing out loud.”Depending on what mood or vibe you want most of these styles can go from classy, cozy-comfy to street wear by adding boots oversized flannel shirts or/and accessories. For those who want minimal checkered or plaid in their wardrobe scarves, shoes, and bucket hats that LL Cool J made popular in the 80’s.

Plaids can also give that sexy vibe like a dress or top with sheer yokes and sleeves or a one shouldered top.

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