The phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” was coined by Ben Franklin. “Although this is not a quote that originated from me, it is something that I profoundly believe in and guides the way I practice and what motivated me to start my IV Vitamin Drip Company. There is this societal stigma regarding doctors and healthcare and medicine and how it is a profit-driven industry; where people believe that we make money and capitalize from individuals being sick. While I understand why many people may have that fear and belief, I place more value and importance in preventative care and using the natural things of the earth, like vitamins, minerals, and supplements. The things that God has created for us to naturally keep us healthy and whole,” explains Chika Odili, New York-based Family Nurse Practitioner.

Chika, who was awarded and recognized as a “Top Family Nurse Practitioner” in Brooklyn, New York in 2019 by Today’s Nurse, was sparked to start Drip IV Vitamin Therapy by the COVID outbreak. “At the time, there were not any vaccines, so I wanted to give individuals alternatives that could be utilized to be able to help individuals boost their immune system to be able to withstand the symptoms of the illness as well as to be able to fight the illness off.  I have done extensive research on how intravenous vitamins, such as vitamin C, zinc, and that of such can help to improve the immune system to be able to fight off viruses such as COVID-19,” continues Chika.

Now that her business has been in operation for approximately three years, she has a growing, loyal clientele who believe in and are healthier because of her vision and due diligence. She has proven that prevention is key. To learn more about her services visit 


Photo courtesy of Drip IV Vitamin Therapy