Love, decisions, and task fully creating an atmosphere for both you and your spouse to live in peace is important. Family or Fiancé is returning for another season and it is loaded with more action than the last! The screening for the newest season is hosted by Content Queen, Danielle Young.

The newest couple that relationship expert, Tracy McMillian took on is Chase and Eric. The couple has been together for over seven years with being engaged for 1 ½ years and the biggest variables of issues with finances and cheating. During their three-day stent in the house, Tracy gave the couple exercises to do with one another’s family to work through their time together.

After the event, Danielle and Tracy opened the floor for questions to be asked about relationships and about the show overall. Tracy touched on the fact that in Chase and Eric’s situation, the all too often issue that arise in a relationship is because of past traumas from their families. In most scenarios, the cause of your issue is something that happened to you or that you witnessed in your family which later in life may affect your relationship. Those things you’ve once experienced display in different forms, when you’re in a relationship or experiencing intimacy. For Chase, her passionate outbursts were from her mother’s lack of intimacy.

McMillian also mentioned the statics about being engaged and the tools necessary to make it to the alter which include surviving longevity, ability to negotiate, and stating your needs to your partner. This episode was definitely a thriller and you won’t want to miss it.

Be sure to check out Family or Fiancé on OWN, Saturdays at 9/8c.

Featured Image: Oprah Winfrey Network