Farissa never allowed her fear to stop her dream. Making difficult decisions on her journey and finding ways to have the best time while doing it!

Writing about the beginning of your career, relationships and lifelong friendships…. did you find it difficult (writer’s block) once you decided to take this journey of writing your memoir?

I can honestly say I never experienced writer’s block while telling this story because it’s my story. It felt more like going to a great therapy appointment. Starting the book over 10 years ago, allowed for me to remember details and then ultimately getting it to this version just last year, filling in character development and emotion, is why I could flow without hesitation. The hardest part about writing your own story is figuring out just how open and honest to be.

What was the first thing that motivated and guided you to write this memoir and did you have any concerns about what people would think?

Absolutely! I think every creative spends some time thinking about what people will think about their work. The key is not spending too much time thinking about it and instead, channeling that energy into being authentic. It was my authenticity that really was the motivation to write the book. I am a natural storyteller and throughout the part of my life the book is about, I would get told by multiple people that I should write a book. I think the stars aligned and the timing was right that one day, I had the time to start- then I couldn’t stop. 

You indicated that during this process, you decided it was best to change some names and locations, can you tell us why you thought that would be best?

In all reality, none of the locations are changed and there is only one “real” name change. I decided to do that because they asked me to. They weren’t comfortable with people knowing who they were and I decided to respect it because this story doesn’t just belong to me.

What did you gain from writing this book and what would you like your readers to gain from reading your story?

I gained a deeper sense of self. It is a truly humbling experience listening to people talk about your story in the same way folks sit around and talk about Sex and the City episodes. It’s like looking in the emotional intelligence mirror constantly. What I hope readers gain from reading my story is a higher level of confidence in themselves and their experiences. Sometimes in life, we feel like the things happening to us are only happening to us, and that’s just not true. When you start to see you are not alone in your experiences, it helps the process of dealing with them.

Your determination and fearlessness truly shined through the book, is this something that you always had, and still have?

Thank you! I can honestly say I have always been this way. It has just grown over time. I have never let fear stop me from doing or trying new things. I am quick to always point out that it is not fearlessness that I am exuding, it’s the action of not letting fear stop me from doing things. I get scared all the time, I just keep going- and the more you do that with positive results, the more you tend to want to do it.

The growth that one gains through their life experiences are truly what molds us consistently, do you feel like everything you did, chances you took molded you into the woman you are today?

TOTALLY! Every choice I have made puts me right where I am today. And every choice I make in the future puts me where I will be. That’s why it’s so important to know where you want to go and hold on to that as a reality in your mind. With that, you will find yourself making decisions that get you exactly where you want to go.

Are you looking to have a book tour/signing?

Yes. We had a book release event in February in Chicago and will be doing a tour to multiple cities over the Summer. I’ll be in NYC, Atlanta, LA and another back in Chicago. I’ll have dates and locations on social media @FarissaKnox when we get closer.

Would you consider making this into a movie or series?

I would love this! Multiple people have already told me they would love to see this happen. I have started to act as if it’s already real and have put some of the beginning elements in place to walk in this direction. Who knows!?! We could all be watching Love, Sex and Friendship, the series, next year.

Most importantly, when is the next book coming out?

Ha! Guess I need to get started on that too.

Please let us know where we can find you and this amazing memoir?

Everywhere books are sold online. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million and my publisher, Mascot Publishing are the main locations.


All images by Donedo