Can you tell everyone who Rebeckah Ruth is?


You have Rebeckah Ruth, the mother, the daughter, sister, friend first. Then it’s Rebeckah Ruth, the CEO and businesswoman. Last but not least, you have Rebeckah Ruth, the person. The person who likes to laugh at herself, who likes getting together for good food and drinks with friends, the Rebeckah Ruth, who feels just like any other human.


Have you always had a passion for fashion, and how did you become a fashion consultant?


Yes, I have always loved fashion! I remember starting to put outfits and accessories together as early as six years old, but I’m told it actually started before that. I used to hate wearing anything but dresses, and then I would make sure that my hair accessories matched my dress, my socks/tights, and of course, my shoes. Then when I was old enough to be trusted with him, I would dress my little brother. I always wanted our outfits to coordinate.


This love for styling was just a hobby for me at first, but then friends and family started asking me to style them and even go shopping with them. I eventually decided to turn it into a business and started my company. All I knew was that I loved fashion, and I thought I was good enough to get paid to do it.


I was finally connected to someone who became my mentor. He taught me everything I know and made me work for it too! He not only taught me the fashion industry but the business of fashion. So, I went from modeling to working with my mentor as a wardrobe stylist. Along the way, people started asking me to consult on different fashion projects, so I decided to focus on being a consultant.


Can you tell us more about Mode by Rebeckah Ruth and what motivated this desire to start your company?


So Mode by Rebeckah Ruth was originally C’est la Mode Studio. A few years ago, I went through a rough couple of years due to some personal things in my life, and I had to revamp and essentially relaunch my company completely. It was devastating at the time because I had already put seven years into it, but it was for the better. I needed the reset as well as my company. So, I changed the name and reset. At the end of the day, I want clients to see their beauty. I love being able to get to the core of who someone is. The way people show up is how they feel about themselves.


You are also the founder and CEO of a global fashion nonprofit called Worthy: The Fashion Meetup. Can you tell us more about that and how you started it?


Worthy is my heart! I have been in the fashion industry for 17 years, and I would be lying if I said it’s an easy industry. However, as much as I love this industry, I have to admit that it’s a harsh industry to be in. At the end of the day, your bread and butter depend on whether someone likes the way you look or how your clients look. That’s a lot of pressure! On top of that, the industry can be very cutthroat and competitive, so people aren’t interested in genuine friendship and community.


I wanted to change that. I wanted to create a place where fashion creatives could go for community, mentorship, and support. It was a place that wasn’t competitive or cutthroat and where they felt like they could just be. It was important to me that the Worthy community felt heard and understood. As a result, we have connected with creatives in 8 countries, and we continue to grow!


You are originally from the DRC in Africa, and you are working diligently to bring awareness to the continent of Africa. Can you tell us more about this mission you have embarked on and why?


Africa just has such a bad reputation in western society! All that is ever highlighted is the corruption in government, the crime, and the third world status. Listen, I’m not naive to the issues in Africa, but I know for a fact that there’s more to Africa than what is portrayed in the media. I come from one of Africa’s most notoriously dangerous and cutthroat countries, but I still have family living there, including my parents, who have retired there. I have spent half of my life living in different countries in Africa, and while there are challenges, they were some of my best years.


I think everyone should take a trip to Africa at least. Of course, be safe, do your research and ask someone familiar with the country you are going to. But I promise you; you will return feeling rejuvenated and with a new outlook on life. I want to document and highlight Africa’s people, nature, and history. There’s so much to appreciate about the continent.


What should we look out for in this new year from yourself and your companies?


Collaborations! Worthy is in its 3rd year now, so we have gained some attention from industry leaders, so there are collaborations in the works, and those I know are coming. For example, I am looking to help some clients launch some brands this year and promote a fantastic book I co-authored and possibly produce another fashion show!


What advice can you provide to those who would like to start a small business, women-owned business, or nonprofit like yourself?


The first thing is to admit you don’t know it all. It’s one thing to have an idea or passion, but quite another to turn it into a business. Sometimes entrepreneurs just think they know it all, and we don’t! So, seek out other people who are doing it well and ask for their guidance. The best thing is to have a mentor, but just ask people for their time if that is not feasible. Put some money aside, take someone out for coffee or dinner, and pick their brains. Also, make sure you’re spending time with people who are on the same track as you.


Next, I would say do your research. Although I have been doing this for a little while, there’s still so much for me to learn. Not to mention the fact that business is changing all the time.


Lastly, as a woman in business, I would say take yourself seriously. We all know the world doesn’t always take businesswomen seriously, especially minority women. So, no matter how much others may disregard you, always show up for yourself and always take yourself seriously.



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