The owners of The Miguel Wilson Collection have created a recipe for complete success.

Miguel and Chancey Wilson are the definition of Black Love. They radiate love like the sun during the day or the moon at night, no matter the time or space, always in a positive light. If you ask them what’s the secret to their love, it isn’t just one thing. As a couple, they play together, work together, live together, and support each other – it’s the foundation of their solid marriage.

When the couple met years ago at a wedding, they never knew that the chemistry would mix and true love would be the outcome. All they knew was that they both had a strong passion for high fashion and shared the same values and appreciation of love. Today, the powerhouse couple own The Miguel Wilson Collection, a high fashion conservative clothing line with a touch of excitement that’s fun and functional with classy energy. With boutique stores in Atlanta, D.C., Miami, and New York the brand continues to thrive and serve clients both in-person and online.

With clients like Hollywood producer Will Packer, reality TV star Peter Thomas and Todd Tucker, NFL players Bobby Rainey and Travis Daniels, actor John Morgan, and the legendary group New Edition under his belt – the celebrated Wedding King continues to impact the culture through high fashion. Everything about Wilson’s brand – from his tailored fits, clear lines, and exceptional detail led him to become one of Atlanta’s most sought-after fashion designers.

But it was his tailored approach and attention to detail on matters of the heart that landed him a dream wife and a dream wedding. Earlier this year, in late May, the couple tied the knot in one of the most sophisticated, epic weddings of the year. Held at the prestigious Horse Mansion at Bouckaert Farm, guests arrived at the 8,000-acre hilltop venue with sentinel views that overlooked lush fields, green pastures, and beautiful lakes and woodlands.

The award-winning fashion stylist made history when he became the first Black fashion designer in the world to cater to the groom’s experiences at weddings. In Miguel’s eyes, the wedding experience is just as important to a man as it is for a woman and he helps men stand out on their big day. “I wanted to create an experience that spoke to both grooms and brides alike. At traditional weddings, men make up half of the wedding party, however, they are usually an afterthought,” says Miguel.

I created a brand that helps men feel just as important as a bride and stand out on his day too,” he added.

They surprised their guests with flowers that fell from the sky as a classically trained violinist played beautiful love music. Known for his innovative approach to creating a unique groom’s experience for men at weddings, Wilson was sure to have one of his own rode in on a horse.

But before they prepared for the big wedding, they were sure to prepare for a strong marriage. Throughout their relationship, they showed the whole world that being soul mates and business partners could survive anything – including the pandemic. “During the pandemic, Miguel was able to sit down because he works so hard and runs so much and focus on what’s really important, Chancey and his family. We always had Friday night date night implemented and continued to during the pandemic,” says Chancey.

We became very creative due to everything being shut down. The pandemic enabled us to see how what some may view as a negative, we saw as a positive – to spend more quality time together,” she added.

They proved to have more than just fashion in common. The powerhouse couple are both philanthropists that would give their last to help others. As a couple, they relish family time and enjoy spending it with their blended family of children, grandchildren, and parents.

Through their charitable organization Ride To The Olympics, they created an Annual Fashion and Polo Classic in Atlanta and continue to impact lives. Through the ultimate mixture of their love combined with the business of fashion, they’ve created a recipe for success and are making history along the way.

For more information on Miguel and Chancey Wilson, Follow them on IG @miguelwilsoncollection.

Photo Creds: Miguel Wilson