Just recently, fashion expert Brandon Hunt, popularly known as B.Hunt designed and launched a COVID-friendly line in the midst of the global pandemic. With a star-studded list of celebrity clients including Dani Leigh, Lance Gross, Tara Wallace, Bishop Don, and many more, it’s clear that Hunt knows a thing or two when it comes to fashion. We recently sat down with him to discuss his start in fashion, obtain his best advice in terms of fashion and styling during this time, and much more!

When did your design journey first started?

I would say my design journey first started, probably as far back as a kid. I saw my parents get dressed for different events, and even them getting me dressed for church. I was always curious as to how I could make my outfits even better. It always stuck with me, even through high school. I was named Best Dressed and then through college, and even after, I paved my own way in the fashion industry. I went to fashion events and there were people that noticed me for my style. That is kind of how it pushed me to go further into the fashion industry. That’s how it all started.

What was it like designing and launching a COVID-friendly line during this time of the ongoing pandemic?

(Laughs) I mean, this is probably one of the most exciting collections that I did. One, it was in the middle of a pandemic and it kind of forced me to step outside of my comfort zone and be more creative. When I created that collection, (laughs) it was one of my first completed collections. It was very dear to me, especially being able to do it during an ongoing pandemic. For me, I feel like fashion is forever changing. To be able to create something in the middle of a pandemic; that is still useful to people, I feel like that is part of history. It helped me stay afloat.

photo by 1king_meka

What advice would you offer to fashionistas on fashion and styling during this time?

In this time, I spent it getting in my creating mode and just finding what people like. I used social media as an outlet to find out exactly what my customers are liking. There are surveys on social media, where people can answer your questions. I connected with fans and customers to find out what they really like. For me during this time, it was much easier because everyone was home. Everyone was plugged into their phone. Social media was a great outlet for me. Outside of social media, using that time in the quarantine to really build and be your most creative self will take you far. Create more content for yourself and your fans. Do more photoshoots and different things to keep your audience involved.

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in 2021?

Right now, I’m working on a mens and womens summer collection. It’s something that is cool for the summer. I’m going to do some designer slides for men and women along with two-piece sets for women as well as shorts and tops for guys. It will be comfortable and airy. Outside of the collection, I’m always working on building my clientele, getting more celebrity clients. I’m also working on booking a couple of NBA stars right now so that is what is currently going on.

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Featured Image by Captured By Jacob