As everyone tries to get back to normal entrepreneurs like Justice Cole never stopped working, creating looks and continuing to get their brand seen by the world. I had the opportunity to interview Justice Cole a rising High End Fashion Architecture of Women Garments she’s next to be featured on the lips and body of fashions who’s who.

What is the motivation behind Justice Cole Label? 

When I first created my brand, I wanted to design garments that spoke for themselves, pieces that was very different, that would stand out and immediately gain attention. Being able to share my art and my crazy ideas disguised as designs with the world and being able to be a voice to the voiceless is truly what motivates me on my bad days.  My supporters really motivate me to continue what I started. 

How long have you been designing?

I have been designing for half a decade. I have been a creative for all of my life. Many don’t know this, but when I was around nine years old, I used to write poetry and songs. I would sing my songs and create choreography routines to go along with them. I wanted to be like Beyonce. I was really nine years old calling record labels trying to get a record deal. So, looking back I guess you can say I’ve always had a voice. I just needed to find my niche and my industry to release all that energy I had to unleash and express. Although, those other things were fun I have grown to learn it wasn’t my passion nor my assignment on this earth. Fashion is where I belong. It is a part of my identity.

Where do you see yourself in five years with Justice Cole Label?

I see myself being a global brand servicing everyone. I currently only cater to women. My brand will be all inclusive and I will have a team of talented, loyal, hard-working people to help bring my visions to life. I’ll have an in-house manufacturing team that will mass produce my garments. I will have countless brand deals. My brand will be featured in major retail stores. My brand will be worn on red carpets and will be in the lips of all the industry who’s who. It will be sought after throughout every corner of the earth. You heard it here first.

Do you believe Black creatives can change the narrative of how people see the fashion industry?

Most definitely. Black creatives bring so much creativity to the fashion industry. We hold so much power. We set trends and are often overlooked. The industry feeds so much off of the culture we bring, the styles, the aesthetic, and the undeniable creativity. I do believe the industry is getting much better with being inclusive with black creatives and black spaces than recent years, absolutely, but we still have a very long way to go. 

photo by NIKKO

Who’s your ideal client you could create a collection with?

The first person that came to mind is Janelle Monae, because she’s everything that I am, weird, unashamed to be herself, expressive, unique, beautiful, a true light. I would have fun designing for her. I would also love to work with Beyonce, Megan Thee Stallion, Megan Good, Francine Drescher (Fran Fine), Normani, Lizzo, Ciara, Chloe and Halle, and Cardi B. I’ll stop there. The list is literally endless.

What other designers would you like to work with?

LaQuan Smith and Christian Siriano. They are two of my favorites out in the industry right now. Our design styles are so similar. They are killing it! Conna Walker would be another, she is such a boss babe! Her story inspires me. 

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Featured Image by M*Knight