Stemming off the heels of the viral VERZUZ between Dipset and The Lox, anyone stepping up to battle had big shoes to fill. Insert Ja Rule and Fat Joe, the most recent two contestants to battle it out with some of their most timeless hits. Taking  lace at Hulu Theater inside Madison Square Garden in New York City, music-lovers all over the world turned in for the festivities.

The evening kicked off with Pretty Lou coming out to introduce the show. Fat Joe took the stage first, followed by Ja Rule. Ja Rule came out guns blazing with “We Don’t Give A Fuck,” leaving Joey Crack questioning if the battle had already started yet. The back and forth banter flowed freely between the two off the rip in true New York City flair. 

The first special guest that came out was Remy Ma, assisting Joe on “Ante Up,” “Twinz,” and “All The Way Up.” The real highlight was Ja Rule bringing out Lil Mo and Vita for “Put It On Me.” Other special guests included Ashanti, Nelly, and Jadakiss. 

Ja had a poignant moment about halfway through, dedicating “So Much Pain” to Tupac. The anniversary of Tupac’s passing fell just one day before the highly-anticipated battle. 

Attendance on Instagram Live hovered between about 350K to a little over 425K viewers toward the end of the battle. Overall, majority would vote Ja Rule took the win, with better performance and stage presence, and bigger hits.


Round 1:

Ja Rule: We Don’t Give A Fuck

Fat Joe: Flow Joe

Round 2:

Ja Rule: It’s Murda

Fat Joe: My Lifestyle

Round 3:

Ja Rule: Can I Get A…

Fat Joe: Find Out

Round 4: 

Ja Rule: Murdergram

Fat Joe: Medley of songs

Round 5:

Ja Rule: Holla Holla

Fat Joe: Ante Up, Twinz

Round 6:

Ja Rule: Between Me & You

Fat Joe: All The Way Up

Round 7:

Ja Rule: Livin’ It Up

Fat Joe: John Blaze, Still Not A Player

Round 8:

Ja Rule: Down Ass Bitch

Fat Joe: Slow Down

Round 9:

Ja Rule: Put It On Me

Fat Joe: Don Cartagena

Round 10:

Ja Rule: Thug Lovin’

Fat Joe: All I Do Is Win

Round 11:

Ja Rule: So Much Pain

Fat Joe:

Round 12:

Ja Rule: Ain’t It Funny

Fat Joe: Sunshine

Round 13:

Ja Rule: Down 4 U

Fat Joe: So Excited

Round 14:

Ja Rule: ???

Fat Joe: Yes

Round 15:

Ja Rule: Rainy Dayz

Fat Joe: Another Round

Round 16:

Ja Rule: Clap Back

Fat Joe: I Won’t Tell

Round 17:

Ja Rule: I Cry

Fat Joe: Get It Poppin’

Round 18:

Ja Rule: Mesmerize

Fat Joe: What’s Luv?

Round 19:

Ja Rule: Always On Time

Fat Joe: Make It Rain 

Round 20:

Ja Rule: I’m Real

Fat Joe: Lean Back

Ja Rule/Fat Joe/Jadakiss: New York

Special guests:

Joe brought out Remy Ma for “Ante Up”, “Twinz”, “All The Way Up”

Ja Rule brought out Lil Mo and Vita for “Put It On Me”

Joe brought out Dre for “So Excited”

Ja brought out Lil Mo for “I Cry”

Joe Brought Nelly for “Get It Poppin’”

Nelly did “It’s Gettin’ Hot In Here”