Father’s Day may look a little different this year due to our current pandemic but that doesn’t mean dads need to go without a gift this year.

Make your dad feel like the king he is for all he’s done by purchasing him something special from our Father’s Day 2020 Gift Guide!

Today’s feature is dedicated to those tech-savy dads we know and adore.

photo obtained from Amazon

Belkin iPhone Charging Dock + Apple Watch Charging Stand, $80

Your dad can charge two of his favorite things at the same dang time! This gadget does exactly as it’s described. It’s great quality and overall super convenient for everyone!

photo obtained from Weber

Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub, $129.99

This “smart grill” tool is perfect for those dads that throw down on the grill! Its a device that monitors grilling progress and send notifications to your phone to let you know when to flip and when it’s ready to serve. It will even tell you the readiness countown and estimated amount of time it will take to took. Make grilling a lot easier on dad this year with this cool gadget.

photo obtained from Amazon

CampStove 2, $149.95

Speaking of cooking, if your dad loves camping and cooking then this is the gift we highly reccomend for him. It was made to make cooking meals easier for dads on their camping trips. It’s cool because it will even charge up his devices and is super lightweight and easy to lug around.

photo obtained from The Grommet

Ambient LED Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, starting at $40

This portable Bluetooth speaker is just too cool not to gift your dad with. It’s flame creates that perfect ambiance whether your dad wants to jam or chill out. I’s water-resistant, easy to connect, and the perfect size to travel with.

photo obtained from The Grommet

Beddi Original Smart Alarm Clock, $100

I don’t know about you guys but my dad hates being late. It’s one of his biggest pet peeves. This alarm clock has a speaker and LED light and includes wireless speaker capabilites, and USB charging ports. In addition, you can even track weather and traffic updates!