Born and raised in Chicago, Felicia Pugh, had a dream. The dream came with a price. 

Felicia, technically, lost everything she had and became homeless. She was going to and fro between family and friends trying to find a place to lay her head. 

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, a dream came to her 12-13 years ago whereby the I AM BRAND was birthed. The I AM brand started with tshirt affirmations of I am. Her logo I AM is everything to her.  “I Am simply because I exist” states Pugh. 

Felicia opened a brick and mortar for her branded t shirts which she says was a mistake. She learned a very expensive lesson. She would go to banks after being a mentee with the SBA but the banks never opened her business plan saying that she had no collateral. 

Moving forward to now, Felicia gained a passion to smell up everyone’s home. This lead to the launching of her candles. It took her about a year after going through the trademark process before she felt comfortable launching her line. 

This time around, she say, is a go or nothing. She wants to see sale growth profits within this year of 2024. 

Felicia’s candles are eloquently packed. The line includes bath salts and other smell goods. 

Photo Credit: I AM BRAND