Petrova will empower women to live their best lives by  prioritizing self care, wellness and feminine energy at her annual conference.

“Feminine energy”  is one of the hottest topics on social media and in top women’s magazines such as Vogue,  Cosmo, Essence Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop,  etc.   The hashtag  dominates tik tok with over 2.8 billion impressions.  Atlanta Feminine Wellness CEO and motivational Coach, Maat Petrova has been leading this conversation. 

 Maat has been helping women prioritize their self care and mental health while tapping into their feminine energy. 

Maat is making sure that women enter this new fall season on a high note while continually feeling empowered.  Maat  has a masters in mental health counseling and is also the founder and owner of the popular  herbal and plant-based feminine care company FemMagic.

Petrova intersects her knowledge of mental health, femininity  and wellness;  teaching women how to manifest their best lives.  From homelessness to operating her  million-dollar empire, Maat has harnessed the transformative power of meditation, affirmations, and feminine energy, emerging as the foremost authority in women’s wellness. Maat ignites empowerment through social media, live meditations, and her sought-after products. 

Maat hosted her annual Feminine U Goddess conference on October 28th. The  Conference featured top  female leaders and panelists. It is designed to help women explore, learn and embody their true power and feminine energy while prioritizing their self care. 

At The Creamery
1500 Southland Cir NW,
Atlanta, GA 30318

Saturday Oct 28th, 2023:
Full Day Conference: 12PM – 6PM
Lunch: 2PM – 2:45PM

But what is feminine energy, and how is it different from femininity? How can channeling feminine energy impact our mental health and how we navigate through life.?

 “The characteristics with feminine and masculine energy is that masculine is more assertive where feminine is just being, masculine is doing—feminine is more nurturing, masculine is more logical,” she says. For example, when it comes to accomplishing business goals, doing the physical work, such as networking or creating an LLC,this  is considered masculine energy, and the mental work, such as visualizing it and thinking of creative ideas, is feminine. “I had to be very intentional and tap into both energies to accomplish my goals and manifest my best life.  I was a struggling single mother before I became intentional in shifting my mindset and perspective,” said Petrova.  I really learned the power of the mind and shifting energy back then,” shared Petrova. 

“As women, we should be feminine with a speck of masculine. However, due to circumstances such as our environments and careers, we often get so consumed by our masculine energy that we forget to be in our feminine energy. This causes misalignment. A lack of balance is what sometimes makes us sad, upset, anxious, depressed and unable to  focus on mastering our goals while living our  happiest & best lives,” explains Maat.

Why is it important to tap into feminine energy?

Tapping into one’s feminine energy, regardless of gender, can have several important benefits:

1. Balance: Balancing both feminine and masculine energies within oneself can lead to a more balanced and harmonious life. This balance can improve decision-making, relationships, and overall well-being.

2. Creativity: Feminine energy is often associated with creativity and intuition. By tapping into this energy, individuals can access their creative potential and problem-solving abilities more effectively.

3. Emotional Intelligence: Nurturing one’s feminine energy can enhance emotional intelligence. This can lead to better understanding and management of emotions, as well as improved communication and empathy in relationships.

Maat Petrova and her panel of guest speakers focused on this and other topics  at her Feminine U Conference on October 28th. You will walk away with tools & the advantage of self care, wellness and tapping into your feminine magic.