From finalizing a season through twists and turns, to coming together as a powerful group. BET’s The Encore gives fans an interpret to some heavy hitters known for their work in the early 2000’s.

Having a rare few making it to the end leads a drastic turn for what could be the better, in this case like most, the show must go on. When asked about wrapping up with production, each came to a collective agreement to wanting to pursue the touring lifestyle as well ass creating The Blueprint.

Following up with wanting to still pursue their careers outside of the girl group while still finding the time to come together for what their fans would like to see, that being women empowerment based in the music industry.

There is still more to come as the story comes to a still ending to an overpowering beginning. Taking ta turn for a the fortunate, into togetherness, these women prove that what is meant to come shall no stagnant ones endeavors.

As the season finale takes place this Wednesday, the fans will see a last hoorah like none other in the upcoming BET’s The Encore.

Featured Image obtained from the official BET website