I had the opportunity to sit down and get to know young artist Fernando Royero.


Fernando Royero is a young man who has been an artist since he was 16 years old. He grew up in Barranquilla, Columbia and that is where he currently lives. Fernando is passionate about music and although he has not finished his studies, he freely expresses that he will dedicate his life to music. 

He expresses his love and passion for music and always wanting to be a singer. He decided 4-5 years ago to follow his dreams and venture into the music industry professionally.  At this time he started to learn how to play guitar, piano and sing. He invested even more of himself into the unique music world and began creating. He began to compose his own songs. This is what led him to his project “Wizard” on Spotify and when his career took off. 

“Be yourself! Do things that make you you! Be true to your audience! The biggest tip or advice I can give to anyone who has this passion is to keep doing what you’re doing. If you’re really good at it people are going to notice you. If you’re working to be the best you can be. That will eventually bring you to the top. When you keep doing what you love. There’s going to be a point in which you’ll be really good at it because you keep practicing and practicing. People are going to notice and people don’t practice like you do, so for them it will be impressive.”

 Photo credit: @roombq

We discuss his journey, family life, upcoming projects and so much more! 

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I am so excited to follow his journey along with SHEEN Magazine as he is such a role model! His hard work and dedication to the music industry is such a huge inspiration. 

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