On May 1, 2020, Fever Faye will be releasing yet another female anthem! Her first 2019 female anthem titled “No Strings Attached” featuring Young Sayso (Fever Faye’s label mate at No Days Off Entertainment) is about women flipping the “I told you I wasn’t looking for no relationship from the beginning” script on men! Giving them a real nasty dose of their own medicine!

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Now, we are in 2020 and Fever Faye’s new single “Bad A** Chick,” is letting ladies know they don’t need validation of others. Fever Faye is saying “if you know who you are, then own it to its full degree!” Ladies and Gentlemen, this will definitely be one of 2020 summertime hits.

Fever Faye’s new single, “Bad A** Chick” will be available May 1, 2020
on all major music streaming platforms.

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