Terry Billy is a Baltimore based house music legend.  Her music career has been rooted in soul music since birth.  Her father, John Billy, was a famous musician and lead tenor singer of the band, The Honey Boys.  Music was filled throughout her childhood home and memories.  So naturally Terry was inspired by the Club Quarantine music series that showcased on Instagram last spring.  

Terry and millions of other subscribers enjoyed the music, interviews and vibes laid out by celebrity DJ D-Nice last year. For many, the pandemic was a time of uncertainty, turmoil and suspense.  Many lost their jobs.  Many lost their homes.  Many lost their lives.  Collectively, the world had to adjust to massive health precautions; and ongoing grief and loss. 

Creatives such as Terry Billy also saw this time for needed change.  Many saw the pandemic as an outlet to explore their creative talents that may have been on hold previously.  For Terry she used her music inspiration from Club Quarantine to channel her inner strength.  While grooving to the weekly vibes she found herself reflecting back on cherished memories, relatives far and near; and her thriving singing career.  From there she birthed her novella, My Club Q Journey of Love:  A Night in the VIP Room.

“The emotional journey of the pandemic and how music carried me through the good/bad times were my inspiration for writing my new novella,” Terry states.  “It was important for me to share my story because I know there are people out here suffering and hurting from their loss and  devastation. So when you can give comfort and hope, it feels good to your own soul,” she continues.  Terry hopes that her novella will bring back grace to humanity and help to lift spirits in their faith journey.

House music is still a great love for Terry.  She is even working on new house songs to add to her discography.  “House music is feel good music that you can dance to and enjoy,” she expresses.  Terry is also using her quarantine time to write a three part children’s book series in memory of her late brother, Chico.  The stories will center around a boy who travels the world as a drummer.  While many are struggling with many challenges brought on by COVID, Terry Billy is pushing forward to fight her way through in a creative light.  Connect with Terry Billy on social media here and also by email here.  Her novella will hit bookshelves and Amazon in April 2021.


Writer, C. Scott, is a mother of one; author, social worker, early learning advocate and entrepreneur. Follow her on Instagram as @curls_coils, @beautifulshadeslc and @mysweettealife. 


Book Cover Images by Starvin Artist Graphic Design