FILA understands that size inclusitivity matters!

The popular sportswear brand has just released an exciting new size-inclusive collection that ranges from XS to 4X!

The collection took over a year to make, making us appreciate the careful detail and selections the brand made for women of all sizes! There are even new technological innovations included in the making of these pieces.

The FILA Uplirt – included in all brands and a selection of tops to provide support. It offers four way stretch and shape retention.

There is also FI-LUX – featured in a selection of tops, hoodies, sweaters, and joggers. The fabric is silky soft and lightweight.

Finally, there is Forza by FILA – incorporated into all the biker shorts and leggings. It lifts, compresses, and sculpts the body while you get your work out on.

There are over 80 pieces apart of this collection!

In addition, the FILA Performer initiative was launched! It is an initiative where the brand partners with female-owned workout studios and instructors around the country to see their pieces put to action by consumers.

For more information on FILA Performa and to purchase your pieces today, click here.