If you are looking for a pair of reading glasses that look cool, then there are a few things that you need to take into account. For instance, it can be the shape of your face, the color tone of your skin, the frame shape and size, and the color of the frame.

The best starting point to select the right reading glasses will be your current reading glasses. In case this is the first time you are buying a reading glass, you must check for any power in your eyes before buying one.

Below we have put together a list of some basic tips that makes it easier for you to find that perfect pair.

The Perfect Reading Glasses For Your Face Shape

The first question any individual asks the salesperson inside an eyeglass shop is to take out the right glasses for their face shape. You can get a perfect frame for your face if you know how the shape of the frame and your face are related.

Read on as we explain which glasses suit your face shape.

Glasses For Square-shaped Face

Square faces are all about angular features. A person with a square face will have corners on their face’s outline. You can easily recognize a square face with a prominent jawline and a wider forehead.

If you want to draw attention to your strongest attributes, select frames that are thin, circular, or curved. You can even go rimless or semi-rimless in an oval and round-shaped frame.

In fact, going with a classic cat-eye frame will also look good. Just don’t go with a frame that is geometrically correct and has too many corners. For instance, square and rectangular frames are a big no for a square face. You can wear a square with a square face. Your face will look like a box.

Glasses For Rectangular-shaped Face

Most people get confused between square and rectangular face shapes. And categorize a rectangular face under a square face. However, a rectangular face is completely different from that of a square face. It has slightly angular, wide, and broad features.

Because of too much angle going on the face, it is a good idea to have some less handle on the reading glasses. Also, try to add some soft angle to the frame or avoid any pointy edges when selecting a reading glass frame for a rectangular shape.

You can select a thin metallic frame that blends easily with the broader structure of the frame.

Glasses For Round-shaped Face

We don’t need to explain what the round face shapes look like. The face is full of curved lines. The clear characteristic of a square face is that the jawline is not visible. And the face is proportional to its length and breadth.

Just like a round shape looks good with any optical design. However, they look even better with frames having corners like rectangular frames and square frames.

The only things people with round frames should avoid are rimless, round, and circular frames. Wearing a curve on your face will only make your face look rounder.

Glasses For Heart-shaped Shape

Heart-shaped faces have distinctive characteristics. People with heart-shaped faces have high cheekbones, tapered jawlines, a wider forehead, and a long chin. Luckily, there are many frames that flatter the heart-shaped face.

A person with a heart-shaped face will look good in wider frames that divide the face into two – a wider forehead and a narrow chin. However, to look your very best, choose reading glasses frames that have curves. For instance, round and oval-shaped frames.

Another excellent design that makes the most use of a heart-shaped face and adds to your style statement is cat-eye glasses.

Just ensure that you are not wearing frames with color and shape that draws attention to your forehead.

Glasses For Oval-shaped Face

People with an oval shape are lucky. This is because their face shape allows them to pull off any style without looking bad. In addition, since their face is perfectly proportional, they can enjoy countless possibilities while selecting the right frame for themselves.

With the versatility of choosing almost anything, you can go bold with color, shape, and texture. O matter what optical design you are wearing, rest assured that they will flatter your face and bring the best style statement out of you.

Here is a small tip – look for designs that are as wide as the broadest part of the face. At the same time, avoid designs that cover almost half of your face.

Glasses For Diamond-shaped Face

Diamond-shaped faces are characterized by their full cheek, narrow forehead, and jaw. This is the least common face type you will find out there. Unfortunately, this is why you also need to wear something rare to complete this look.

The most flattering look for a diamond-shaped face is a rimless, cat-eye of oval shape reading glasses. These frames will help you attract attention to the cheekbones and other delicate features.

As your cheekbones are clearly visible, they have a lot of corners. Hence, you must avoid wearing anything that has corners. For instance, rectangular or square-shaped reading glasses. Wearing square or rectangular reading glasses will drive attention away from the face instead of enhancing them.

Final Thoughts

Every style has a different option. So, it is just a matter of trying out the design and shapes that will go with your face’s shape. At the same time, this is just a template to show you how a different face shape looks good with a particular frame shape. But that is in no way the only way.

If you have a round face and like to wear round glasses and are happy with how it looks. Just go with it. It is you who is wearing the glasses. So, no matter what you wear, as long as you are confident, it will look good.

If there is anything we missed out, you can highlight them in the comment section. And if you want to know more about reading glasses, you can contact us.