The Valley Experience

You have to go through to get to. You cannot get stuck in the process, you will not get to the finish line by becoming stuck. You will not see the manifestation in your life if you get stuck and stay there.

I like to say it like this,  life is trial and error. You mess up, but you don’t stay there, you make bad decisions but you learn from them. It seems that you just can’t get it together but that doesn’t mean you stop trying.

You must know who you are and who is fighting for you.

Going through life’s experiences taught me how to swim when it looked like I was going to drown. Life’s experiences taught me how to stop, drop, and roll in the midst of the fire.

Life experiences will get you favor and teach you how to keep it.

The valley is a teacher. It is not meant for the valley to be a permanent dwelling place. You get what you need to sustain yourself while in the valley. Your wilderness and valley experiences is what will lead you to your Canaan Promise. You will find grace in the wilderness.