David Pindell is finding the right fit for a career in football through proper health and wellness.  With a childhood inspiration from NFL star, Michael Vick, David knew he wanted to be a professional football quarterback.  He began his football career in high school in Columbia, MD.  He later became the star quarterback during his college years at UConn.  David played professional football with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Minnesota Vikings before being released in 2019.  He also played for the CFL team known as the Montreal Alouettes.  As a free agent, David maintains his usual health and wellness regimen.   

With National Men’s Health Month around the corner for the month of June, David is sharing some of his do’s and don’ts.  Due to COVID-19, he has begun in-home workouts for 4 days a week.  Running and throwing are also key to his workout regimen each day.  When asked what tips he has for men around the world, here are his suggestions:

Take Care.  David reports that men should treat their bodies like the temple that it is.  If your body is a temple, then you want to consume healthy meals and water consumption.

Performance Is Key.  As an athlete, how you take care of your body will also equal in your performance.  From walking, working to playing professional sports, your input determines your output.

Maintain Your Mental Health.  Mental health is key and some may overlook proper mental well-being.  Self-care is vital for everyone and practicing good mental hygiene is necessary.  Whether it’s through a therapist, support groups, faith-based activities or more; your mental health is a needed priority.  David actively offers community support each day.  This month he is even feeding frontline mental health workers at the new mental health wing of the Anne Arundel Medical Center in Annapolis, MD.

Love It.  David’s personal motto is “What’s the point of doing something, if you don’t love it!”  Pindell believes that overall health and wellness is also achieved by doing what you love in all aspects of your life.  He learned this motto quickly after playing multiple football player positions that were not his preference of being quarterback.  David even retails “Love It” merchandise on his website.  Merchandise can be purchased here.

We hope to see David back on the football field with an NFL team soon.  Follow David Pindell on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter. To view his throwing page, click here!



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Featured Image provided by David Pindell