Some may attribute interior design to luxury spaces.  However, it also encompasses any living area and even office space of all socioeconomic backgrounds.  Wherever you are, your space can be designed to align with your lifestyle and experts like Nikki Klugh are here to help.  Nikki Klugh is a minority woman in interior design who is steadily on the rise in her industry.  Nikki is the owner and chief design expert for her brand known as Nikki Klugh Design Group (NKDG).


She values her design outlook and always strives to create what she coins as “sacred spaces” for her clients.  Nikki believes that your environment is your “sacred space” and should be your sanctuary of peace as you see fit.  “Transformation is possible. Creating a sacred space should be purposeful, fulfilling and restorative,” says Nikki.  “I believe in the sanctity of homes filled with love and nurture. I design spaces holistically. Sacred spaces provide you with rest and restore your spirit as you return from long days in a sometimes cluttered, stressful, and draining world,” she adds.


Her amazing talent has been seen in various publications such as HGTV, Martha Stewart, USA Today, BET, MSN, and Entrepreneur.  However, her 20 year career in interior design has been filled with more than just designing spaces.  She strives to design lifestyles and to also give back to communities of color.  Here’s what Nikki Klugh shared about her career, new Move In Mafia initiative, end of summer design hacks, and more:


What steps did you take to begin your career in interior design?


“My formal training began at the Art Institute in Albuquerque, NM, though I’ve been transforming spaces as far back as I can remember. I’m a professional member of ASID and IIDA, with 20 years of interior design experience and design certifications to include NCIDQ – the most coveted design certification for designers that allows us to design residential, commercial, and government spaces.”


What are some summer interior home trends that everyone should know about?


“I think the biggest home trend for the summer is always incorporating an outdoor space to take advantage of warmer weather and for hosting possibilities. Including an outdoor space in your design plan is an easy way to add square footage without doing a home renovation. If a client already has an outdoor space they use, it is important to create a cohesive design between their outdoor and indoor spaces. We talk more about how to achieve this on our blog:


What are some inexpensive DIY hacks that can transform a home?


“Changes in wall color, furniture and ambience will evoke new ideas and push you to a new level of thinking. If you can’t find (or afford) any large-scale artwork to hang on your wall, creating a salon-style display with smaller pieces is the next best thing. Filling up your living room wall with a collage allows you to bring multiple pieces together to create one big art piece. Depending on the sizes you are working with, the collage can be linear or organic—just remember to plan it out before putting it on the wall to ensure you achieve the desired effect.”

What’s next for NKDG?


Our business is growing, which means our team is growing. We are gearing up for what a larger team looks like by hosting a NKDG Retreat in August. The goal is to bring our team together, since most of us have never met in person, and create processes and procedures that encourage productivity and an exciting work environment.


One project I am very THRILLED about is our collaboration with Move – In Day Mafia. The “MAFIA” is an army of volunteers who show up to the campuses of Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCUs) to provide these underserved yet DESERVING freshmen with a dorm room makeover experience and other support to make sure their dreams of graduation won’t shatter! 


We are working with them to create BEAUTIFUL dorm rooms for the students attending Paul Quinn College in Dallas, Texas. We are currently interviewing the students and creating design concepts. Our next step will be sourcing everything and then finally installing and styling these homes away from home before the school year starts.

Being a Texas native, this project is close to my heart and I can’t wait to see the looks on the students’ faces when they see their dorm room design come to life.

More information and donation opportunities can be found on their website:


How can people connect with you?


Facebook: @NikkiKlughDesign 

Instagram: @nikkiklughdesign 

Linkedin: Nikki Klugh Design Group

Pinterest: @nikkiklughdesigngroup


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So there’s much more to design and Nikki Klugh has the eye for it.  Her desire to provide clients and community members with their sacred space of sanctuary is a blessing to us all.  Her craft has been seen worldwide and she’s just getting started.  Connect with her brand to learn more about her design services and upcoming community opportunities.

Photo Credits: Linkedin & Medium