Arron Sain is a fitness trainer and chef responsible for many big of our favorite stars’ fitness evolutions over the years. He’s shaped hundreds all over the world to help them live their best lives while being in their best shape. Sain has been featured in Men’s Health, Sister Circle, and many more publications! We wanted to get to know the man helping others maintain a healthy lifestyle through wellness and food! In our exclusive interview with Arron Sain, he gave us insight into his own personal fitness journey, the idea to combine healthy prepared meals with fitness, and much more!

What made interested in fitness to become a trainer?

Once I got things together for myself as far as competing, living a healthier lifestyle, studying, and trying different recipes out, I felt like it was time for me to help others live the best versions of themselves.

How would you describe your personal fitness/health journey?

I’m like a mad scientist (laughs). I’m always experimenting on myself and reaching to push the envelope with different recipes. I’m always pushing my body to the next level. My journey is a constant walk of learning and being a student of wellness and fitness.

You also are a chef that prepares healthy meals for your clients on their fitness journeys. How did this idea come about?

It just all came together. I had no plans on being a trainer or being a trainer/chef. I started cooking at a young age. I fell in love with preparing meals and putting a smile on people’s face through food. After high school, I went to culinary school and that’s when my imagination was unlocked when it came to different flavors and putting different components together. It just came together. Why not be a one-stop shop? Most trainers aren’t chefs and most chefs aren’t trainers. Why not put it together and give my clients a great experience through the versatility that I have.

In what ways have you promoted health and wellness to others during our current pandemic?

Through this pandemic, I’m always posting recipes for people to try. I want to keep people engaged with cooking videos. At this moment, I’m really focused on the cooking and the plate presentation because for the most part, all of us are locked up in the house. We’re getting tired of eating the same thing or we’re trying our best to eat as clean as possible. If you can come on my page and see me make pizza or short ribs with a little twist, it kind of keeps the excitement of you going to the grocery store, grabbing those ingredients, coming home and following some type of a recipe. You’re not putting yourself in a box.

What are you working on? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

Currently, I’m working on writing a cookbook. I can’t wait to get back to some of my clients. I’m eager to get back. I’ve also been in talks with movie producers as far as helping actors get in shape for their roles. It’s looking bright! I give every task that I have 100%, I kind just give it the seed and just let life water it.

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All images by Chris Braggs