Whenever you hear about Florida there’s some malarky about our state. Despite what Charlagmne Tha God says about us Floridians we aren’t all crazy. Of course, we’re known for all of the tourist attractions but we have the talent here as well. Now, the lady I’m going to tell you about has been compared to Tokyo Jetz but their styles are completely different. The only thing these two artists have in common is that they’re rappers. The artist I’m referring to is Tierra Traniece and she hails from Miami, Florida. Her style is so unique. It’s a nice mixture of trap soul, Jill Scott, and Erykah Badu. I felt all the vibes while I listening to her tracks. “Fool Me Once” is a single that spoke to my spirit! Once you hear it you understand. I don’t know one woman that hasn’t had her heartbroken before. It’s a song that gives you the feels.

I got a chance to chop it up with her because she’s up next. She just had a show with Savanna Cristina and dropped a single on October 12, 2020, called “Love on the line”. If it’s anything like her previous singles get ready to put on your freakum dress and stunt on your ex.

The next artist is Nemchel is a Haitian born artist from Vero Beach, Florida. She’s a multifaceted artist who plays multiple instruments. There are artists who are known for a signature sound but she creates vibes. When you listen her discography there is a song for every occasion.  Like “Don’t feel right” that’s a track for when you want to be in your feelings. Then there’s her get money song called “Need It” when you want to get your hustle on. It’s a nice mix of Jhene Aiko and Summer Walker.

After speaking with both of these ladies they’re currently working on music. Follow their socials so you’ll be in the know. I personally can’t wait for the projects because I like what they’ve put out thus far. Here’s Nemchel’s website and her Instagram. Here’s Tiarra Traniece’s website and her Instagram. For more dope musical finds follow Queenke2008.